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Candid Street

Guys And Cams

Alexander Kristiansson

Kacey Carrig by Milan Vukmirovic

Kacey Carrig from Ford New York stars in this gorgeous black and white editorial by photographer Milan Vukmirovic for the latest issue of biannual publication Fashion for Men.

Kody Corduan by Toky Castellanos

Kody Corduan wears a selection of Baskit underwear in this beach shoot by photographer Toky Castellanos.

Just Because - Joe Collier

Random photos and a video of gorgeous English model Joe Collier.

Mads Lynge Gjoerup by Kevin Pineda

Danish model Mads Lynge Gjoerup connects with photographer Kevin Pineda for this black and white photo series.

Guys With Phones

Zach Dare

Photo Of The Day

Andrea Moscon by Luciano Doria

Italian model Andrea Moscon updates his portfolio with a portrait series by photographer Luciano Doria.

Cédric Andries by Marc Drofmans

English model Cédric Andries updates his portfolio with a shoot by photographer Marc Drofmans.

Blake Postma by Jerrad Matthew

Blake Postma star in this stunning photo series by photographer Jerrad Matthew.

Nikita Ruben, Zach Dare and Matt Qualley by Michael Del Bruno

Nikita Ruben, Zach Dare and Matt Qualley photographed in sunny south Florida by Michael Del Bruno. This splendid series is inspired by the movie White Squall and will be appearing in the June issue of Fave magazine.

Guys With Phones

Photo Of The Day

Mick Rouse by Leon Dash

Mick Rouse from New York Models updates his portfolio with a session with photographer Leon Dash.

Cuteness Overload - Darren Criss

Could Darren Criss be anymore adorable? Decked out in gray crew knit sweater with a little scruff on his face and the ultimate accessory in his arms, Darren left a trail of adorable in his wake when he visited the  Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show at Z100 Studio in New York City. Swoon!!! 

Tomas Skoloudik by Dean Isidro

In the latest issue of Têtu magazine, Tomas Skoloudik shows off a selection of underwear to photographer Dean Isidro.

Artiom by Andrey Vishnyakov

Marvelously captured portrait series by Russian photographer Andrey Vishnyakov of model Artiom.

Guys And Cams

Cuteness Overload