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Watch - Guy Watches Gay Porn With Unplugged Headphones In Library

This guy's headphones weren't quite plugged in when he decided to indulge in some gay porn at the library. It's freaking hilarious. Check it out after the jump.

Watch - How Two Guys REALLY Have Sex

Has a family member or friend put you on the spot about what exactly you do in bed? Well, Davey Wavey invited a few vloggers to explain how gay men actually get it on.....

Watch - A Celebration Of Red-Headed Male Hotness

English fashion photographer Thomas Knights has been working on a new exhibition titled 'Red Hot' which looks to spice up redheads' image. Knights is a red head and is out to dispel the many stigmas attached to being a red headed male. He’s spent over a year working on the still portraits and videos, which will go on display at The Gallery In Redchurch Street beginning December 16.

The portraiture series features some of the best looking red headed men I’ve ever seen. Definitely worth checking out!!! To find out more about the exhibition, check out Thomas Knights' website.  

Watch - Kollektivet's I Wash My Ass Like A Man Music Video

Let Norwegian comedian group Kollektivet show you how a man should wash his ass. And if this is how you wash an ass, I can't wait for them to tell me how to wash a penis....

Watch - 25 Ways To Know You're Gay

Vloggers Davey Wavey And Tyler Oakley offers '25 Ways To Know You're Gay'.

Watch - Davey Wavey Gets Some Gold Medal Sexy Time With Matthew Mitcham

Davey Wavey gets to spend sometime with Australian Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham but all he could talk about is Tom Daley.... What a shame!!!

GIF Of The Day

John Barrowman moons the audience with his Batman underpants......

Watch - Female HBO Viewers Tell HBO, 'We Wanna See More Dongs'

HBO loves their female nudity. But male nudity? Not so much. A selection of HBO’s female viewers speak out on this inequality in a this hilarious College Humor video titled 'HBO Should Show Dongs'.

We totally agree with these women - HBO should definitely show more 'dongs'. HBO, let's start with showing us Ryan Kwanten’s premium meat!!!

Watch - Straight Guys Are (A Little) Gay

Watch Davey Wavey convince a few straight guys that they're actually quite gay via a question and answer session.

Watch - Cheyenne Jackson and David Burtka Totally Make Out On 'Christian Mingle'

As if David Burtka weren’t lucky enough to sleep with Neil Patrick Harris, now he gets to make out with the divorced Cheyenne Jackson in a new Funny or Die video...... Life is so unfair!!!

Watch - One Direction's Harry Styles Smooch Sports Show Host James Corden

One Direction stars Harry Styles and Niall Horan managed to cause a stir when they appear on British comedy sports show, A League Of Their Own - Harry gets to smooch host James Corden and Niall got a temporary tattoo on his bum. Check out the lip lock and Niall's smooth bum after the jump .

Watch - Health Science Turns Sexy

Thanks to senior anatomy lecturer Dr. Claudia Diaz at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, we get to see hot 22-year-old footballer and chiropractic student Zac O'Brien strip down to his tiny whities. Zac had his entire body painted over for 18 hours straight to show students the muscles, tendons, and bones that would be visible if Zac were stripped of his skin.

Who knew learning anatomy could be so much fun? Check out more photos and a video of 'anatomical man' after the jump.

Watch - Cute Couple Demonstrate Every Possible 'Awkward Kiss'

Watch too-cute couple, Ethan and Mark, demonstrate every 'awkward kiss' that they can think of. They miss out on 'The Morning Breath' kiss but we will forgive them. They are just too cute for words!!!

Watch - Real Men Don't Fake It

Check out this new video campaign from Benefit Cosmetics dubbed 'Real Men Don't Fake It', it features a bunch of guys in tight-fitting garments that display unusually large 'packages'.

Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino is in and so are comedian Brittany Furlan and actor/rapper Simon Rex. Check out the cheeky video after the jump.

Watch - Davey Wavey's The Straight Girl's Guide to Gay Boys

Here is something to put a smile on your face.....

Watch - Neil Patrick Harris Talks Man-On-Man Bum Grab

During a recent visit to Conan O'Brien's late night talk show, Neil Patrick Harris was asked about a bum grab photo that has been making the rounds throughout the web. The photo from a photo call event shows Elton John's partner David Furnish with his hand on Harris' bum. Watch what NPL has to say about the bum grab after the jump.

Watch - The 5 Best Places to Meet Guys

Tired of online dating? Done with the bar scene? Here are Sam Luigi's 5 best places you can meet guys!

GIF of The Day

Dylan O’Brien plays with Tyler Posey’s nipples.

Junk Grabbing John Barrowman At Comic Con

Here is a photo of John Barrowman helping himself to a handful of junk at Comic Con. This lucky chap just got an early Christmas present!!!

Watch - Yanis Marshall Takes Over Paris In His Nine Inch High Heels With A Spice Girls Megamix

Watch French choreographer Yanis Marshall take over the streets of Paris with his gang of nine inch heels wearing homosexuals, in an ultimate show of girl power........