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Watch - John Barrowman Kissed A Guy During The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games featured a kiss between Arrow actor John Barrowman and a male dancer. Now... all we need is John to make out with someone for the closing ceremony..... Check out the kiss after the jump. 

Watch - Brent Antonello and Adam Senn Makes Out In 'Hit The Floor'

Not heard of VH1's Hit The Floor. It's ok. Here is a very good reason why you might wanna check it out.... Brent Antonello and Adam Senn very hot makeout scene....

Watch - How Two Guys REALLY Have Sex

Has a family member or friend put you on the spot about what exactly you do in bed? Well, Davey Wavey invited a few vloggers to explain how gay men actually get it on.....

Watch - Tom Daley Comes Out

British Olympic diver Tom Daley has revealed he is in a relationship with a man.

The 19-year-old revealed he has been dating a man since the spring in a video posted on YouTube.

The London 2012 bronze medallist said he has dated girls in the past but "never had a serious relationship to talk about" before adding "until spring of this year, my life changed massively when I met someone, and they make me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great."

"That someone is a guy."

Watch - Cheyenne Jackson and David Burtka Totally Make Out On 'Christian Mingle'

As if David Burtka weren’t lucky enough to sleep with Neil Patrick Harris, now he gets to make out with the divorced Cheyenne Jackson in a new Funny or Die video...... Life is so unfair!!!

Watch - Designer Protest Russian Anti-Gay Laws With Underwear Calendar

Designer Kristof Buntinx is appalled at the treatment of gay people in Russia that he felt moved to take a stand. 'If you do not like the fact that I am homosexual, I can learn to live with it. But to humiliate, attack and torture people is really going too far', he wrote in an open letter on his website.

The designer decided to create men’s boxers that poke fun at the Russian government and it's anti-gay laws by blending the LGBT rainbow with Russian symbol. The underwears are just the beginning for Buntinx. For his "To Russia With Love" campaign, Buntinx is teaming up with photographer Herman Van Gestel to create a calendar of men in the boxers. The calendar is due for release in September.

Check out a behind the scenes video of the calendar shoot by photographer Herman Van Gestel after the jump.

Watch - It's Consuming Me

A guy is obsessed with his boyfriend in It’s Consuming Me. He just can't get the thought of his boyfriend out of his mind. Can a relationship this intense be real?

Watch the brilliant 3 minute short film after the jump.

Kevin Keller's First Gay Kiss

Archie Comics' first gay character Kevin Keller had his first kiss today.

In Kevin Keller issue 10, Kevin kisses his boyfriend, Devon, in a diner, and another patron 'gets offended'. Author-artist Dan Parent told the Associated Press that he came up with the idea for the story after the right-wing group One Million Moms objected to a comic depicting Kevin’s future same-sex wedding. The group lobbied Toys “R” Us to not display the issue prominently, but the retailer refused, and the issue eventually sold out its print run.

Kevin Keller issue 10 is available for purchase today.

Watch - The 5 Best Places to Meet Guys

Tired of online dating? Done with the bar scene? Here are Sam Luigi's 5 best places you can meet guys!

Junk Grabbing John Barrowman At Comic Con

Here is a photo of John Barrowman helping himself to a handful of junk at Comic Con. This lucky chap just got an early Christmas present!!!

Watch - Yanis Marshall Takes Over Paris In His Nine Inch High Heels With A Spice Girls Megamix

Watch French choreographer Yanis Marshall take over the streets of Paris with his gang of nine inch heels wearing homosexuals, in an ultimate show of girl power........

Watch - Proof That Teen Wolf Is The Gayest Show On TV

The folks over at NewNowNext are calling Teen Wolf the gayest show on television and it's really hard to argue after watching their Teen Wolf supercut. Check out the show's homoerotic moments after the jump.

André Fellipe and Agustin Alerborn by Gustavo Zylbersztajn

André Felipe and Agustin Alerborn celebrates love on the cover of the latest issue of ffw magazine. The boys are photographed by Gustavo Zylbersztajn. 

Watch - Steam Room Stories' Bucket List

The boys from Steam Room Stories compare bucket lists, and help each other cross off some sexy things. 

Watch - Eli Lieb's Young Love

Eli Lieb perfectly captures the exhilaration of young romance in his latest video for 'Young Love'. While the story itself is not new, it is quite exciting to see two men at the center of the whirlwind.....

Watch - Tom Goss' Gay Bears

Tom Goss loves his bears so much that he wrote a song about them. Check out the video for his latest single, 'Bear' where Tom professes his love for this hirsute set of men.......

Watch - Danny And Ethan Hooks Up In Teen Wolf

Only a few episodes into the new season of Teen Wolf, we finally get to see the long awaited hook up between Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) and one of the alpha werewolf twins, Ethan (Charlie Carver). Let's praise MTV for ACTUALLY showing a gay couple hooking up and not some kissy scene. The scene is actually pretty sweet too....... Check it out after the jump.

Cuteness Overload

Watch - Steve Grand's All American Boy

Openly gay country singer Steve Grand has just released his first single and video for his song, All American Boy.

The song tells a story that everyone has experienced: falling for someone you just can't have........

Watch - Steam Room Stories' Gay Drinking Games

The boys from Steam Room Stories play a friendly game of "I Never," but someone's a little shaky on the rules.