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Watch - 25 Ways To Know You're Gay

Vloggers Davey Wavey And Tyler Oakley offers '25 Ways To Know You're Gay'.

Watch - Davey Wavey Gets Some Gold Medal Sexy Time With Matthew Mitcham

Davey Wavey gets to spend sometime with Australian Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham but all he could talk about is Tom Daley.... What a shame!!!

Watch - Straight Guys Are (A Little) Gay

Watch Davey Wavey convince a few straight guys that they're actually quite gay via a question and answer session.

Watch - Steam Room Stories' No Homo

Straight guys do the gayest things. So exactly how gay is too gay?

Watch - Davey Wavey's The Straight Girl's Guide to Gay Boys

Here is something to put a smile on your face.....

Watch - Steam Room Stories' Bucket List

The boys from Steam Room Stories compare bucket lists, and help each other cross off some sexy things. 

Watch - Steam Room Stories' Gay Drinking Games

The boys from Steam Room Stories play a friendly game of "I Never," but someone's a little shaky on the rules. 

GIF of The Day

From the web series The Outs.

Watch - The Gay Make-Out Test

Wondering if you're gay or not? The Steam Room Stories guys help you figure it out with their gay test.

Watch - Davey Wavey's How To Be A Stripper!

For any go-go boy wannabe.....

Watch - Sex With Straight Guys

Ever wanted to know how to hook up with a straight guy? Steam Room Stories gives gay guys the low-down on the perfect hook-up game-plan.

Watch - Do You Moan During Sex?

The guys from Steam Room Stories compare notes on what kinds of noises boys make during sex. 

Watch - Davey Wavey's What Old People Think About Gay Sex

You had me at 'Cum! Cum! Cum' Grandma!!! Way too funny!!! Check out what our seniors think about gay sex after the jump.

Watch - Guess The Gay

One of these guys beside Davy Wavey is gay. Can you guess which one? 

Watch - The 3 Bits Episode 2

In the second episode of 'The 3 Bits', watch Henry (Cole Escola) and his roommate Grant (Salvatore Infantino) screw up their own orgy plans.....

Watch - Davey Wavey's Sex Quiz To Belami's Kinky Angels

Davey Wavey gets up close and personal with Belami's Kinky Angels. Watch him quiz Gino Mosca, Andre Boleyn, Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol and Adam Archuleta on some not so well-known sex terms after the jump. 

Watch - Steam Room Stories' Checking Out Hot Guys

The boys from Steam Room Stories discover how totally un-gay it is to check out each others hot bods. It’s just a compliment, right? 

Watch - New Gay Web Series, The 3 Bits

The first episode of new gay web series 'The 3 Bits' is here. Written and directed by Max Freeman and Margaret Singer, the series bills itself as a queer show about sex, love, booze, drugs, friendship, family, and amazing acts of stupidity. But mostly sex.

Watch The 3 Bits after the jump.

Watch - Davey Wavey's Things NOT To Say To A Gay Guy II

I am going to add one.....'but you don't look/sound/act gay...' This one does get on my nerves. Like there is a handbook on being gay........

Watch - Sneak Peak Of Please Like Me

Gay Australian comedian Josh Thomas heads back to TV land with the premiere of his new six-part series, Please Like Me. 

In Please Like Me, Josh plays Thomas, a guy who is dropped by his girlfriend Claire because she thinks he's gay – and he is, as soon as he meets his flatmate’s new work colleague Geoffrey, who ends up spending the night with him. 

Check out a sneak peak of Please Like Me after the jump. Please Like Me premieres 9.30pm, 28 February on ABC2.