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Watch - The Epic 8-Minute Ice Cream Ad With a Lesbian Love Story and Lily Allen

You might want to grab a snack and get comfortable, because Cornetto's newest ad is an eight-minute short film that is totally worth the watch. As with its other long-form ads, the ice cream brand takes a back seat to a bigger story. In this case, it's a love story....

Watch - Designer Protest Russian Anti-Gay Laws With Underwear Calendar

Designer Kristof Buntinx is appalled at the treatment of gay people in Russia that he felt moved to take a stand. 'If you do not like the fact that I am homosexual, I can learn to live with it. But to humiliate, attack and torture people is really going too far', he wrote in an open letter on his website.

The designer decided to create men’s boxers that poke fun at the Russian government and it's anti-gay laws by blending the LGBT rainbow with Russian symbol. The underwears are just the beginning for Buntinx. For his "To Russia With Love" campaign, Buntinx is teaming up with photographer Herman Van Gestel to create a calendar of men in the boxers. The calendar is due for release in September.

Check out a behind the scenes video of the calendar shoot by photographer Herman Van Gestel after the jump.

Watch - It's Consuming Me

A guy is obsessed with his boyfriend in It’s Consuming Me. He just can't get the thought of his boyfriend out of his mind. Can a relationship this intense be real?

Watch the brilliant 3 minute short film after the jump.

Watch - Everyone Is Gay

Here is a happy song to start off your week....

Greg Rikaart Comes Out Gay

Emmy-winning Young and the Restless star Greg Rikaart added another way for an actor to come out as gay - tweet a photo of yourself with your boyfriend in celebration of the Supreme Court marriage equality rulings.

"Not getting married anytime soon, but celebrating #equality tonight nonetheless."

Watch - Palermo Pride 2013 Spot 'Let's Fall In Love'

Here is something sweet to start your day with - A lovely 3 minute spot for Palermo Pride 2013 by Italian Director Pappi Corsicato. And now I am feeling all gooey inside......

Watch - Straight People Tell Their Younger Selves Not To Be Homophobic

Minus 18, the largest support network for LGBT teenagers in Australia, has produced a new antibullying campaign which aims to fight bullying and homophobia in a personal, thought-provoking way.

Check out the video after the jump.

Watch - 20 Ways To Announce To The World You Are Gay


Need a way to come out to the world? You are in luck I guess. Check out Russ the Marine and Arielle Scarcella's 20 ways to come out video for some inspiration or not. :)

Imaginary Couples - Olympic Swimming Champions Against Homophobia

Photographer Olivier Ciappa tapped a pair of French Olympic swimmers for his campaign against homophobia in France.

Olivier asked Frédérick Bousquet, the world record holder for freestyle swimming and Florent Manadou, who won the gold medal for 50m freestyle in the London 2012 Olympics, to be the star of his 'imaginary couples' campaign. His picture captures the two men in an intimate moment.

Watch - Google Employees Help Colleague Propose To Boyfriend

Google employee Shaun Aukland had all his colleagues from his London office help him propose to his boyfriend, Michael. 

Aukland wrote this on his YouTube channel
On April 22 2013, I invited Michael to lunch at the Google office. He had no idea I would be asking him to marry me. Or that hundreds of people were in on it. 
We are a binational couple, separated for the last two years, on and off, without the ability to sponsor Michael for citizenship in the United States because of the Defense of Marriage Act. I flew to London for one of our regular trips and secretly to propose to Michael, in hopes that he'll be able to finally join me permanently in the US after the Supreme Court decision. 
Five minutes before the proposal, all of the TV screens in the cafe showed a timer countdown. At about 10 seconds, Michael remarked "its really busy in here. also, what is that timer". Then the video starts.
Watch Shaun's sweet proposal after the jump.

Watch - He Liked It So Much That He Put a Ring On It

Tim made sure his proposal to his partner Bennie was extremely memorable. He enlisted the help of the San Francisco Flash Mob Crew to surprise Bennie with a rendition of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" - Bennie's favorite song. What Bennie didn't know is that he thought he had stumbled upon the flash mob but the whole thing was a set-up so that Tim could pop out and pop the big question in front of family and friends.

Watch Tim take a cue from Beyonce and put a ring on it after the jump.

Watch - Vlog Brothers On Identity, Love, Sex, And Attraction

The Vlog Brothers brought Hannah Hart, Ze Frank, Tyler Oakley, and Meg Turney together to discuss sexual orientation. This is one of those rare videos that explains the differences between sex, gender identity and sexual orientation. Check it out after the jump. 

Watch - 'Call Me Maybe' Goes Gay For Darren Criss

We adored Darren Criss since he performed Katy Perry’s 'Teenage Dream' on Glee, but the 26-year-old Glee star really outdo himself at the GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles by singing a gay rights version of Carly Rae Jepsen's summer hit 'Call Me Maybe'. Check out the video of his performance after the jump. 

Watch - Mike Fédée's Ask Homophobes To 'Fear Not'

The debate over marriage equality in France is reaching a fever pitch, and has sparked several incidents of violence and vandalism targeted at the LGBT community.

Gorgeous French filmmaker Mike Fédée has this message to French people afraid of marriage equality and it is beautiful. It’s in French, of course, but if you hit the CC button, you can see English subtitles. Check it out after the jump.

Watch - Ryan Amador Strip Down For New Music Video

Out Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Ryan Amador just released a music video for his song 'Define Me' featuring Jo Lampert of the band Avan Lava. The video shows Amador and Lampert stripping down to their underwear to reveal negative labels written across their bodies.

Watch Define Me after the jump.

Watch - Maurice Williamson's 'Enormous Big Gay Rainbow Across My Electorate' Speech

A New Zealand MP has his fellow parliamentarians roaring in their seats with a speech in support of the country’s recently passed Marriage Amendment bill.

Pakuranga MP Maurice Williamson stood up and gave what may be the funniest and most heartfelt speech on marriage equality. Kudos to Maurice. 

New Zealand recently became the first Asia-Pacific nation to extend all the legal rights of state-recognized matrimony to two people who love each other and also happen to share the same gender.

Check out the hilarious speech after the jump. 

Watch - Jackie Chan Comes Out...

Watch Jackie Chan comes out of the closet......

Watch - A Zulu Wedding Goes International

Two South African men tied the knot in a ceremony that brought together the Zulu and Tswana traditions. Tshepo Cameron Modisane and Thoba Calvin Sithol, both 27, were married in the town of KwaDukuza (Stanger). They walked down the aisle in front of 200 guests at the Stanger Siva Sungam community hall.

This wedding will probably go down in history as one of the most significant events in South African LGBTI history. Watch the grooms talk about their relationship and the preparation for the wedding after the jump

Watch - Questions You Have Wanted To Asked These Gay Marine

Cuteness overload!!! Russ and his boyfriend Matt are both gay marines. They just posted a video title 'Boyfriend Tag' which he and his boyfriend Matt tell how they met and answers questions from their youtube followers. These guys are just adorable!!! 

Watch - WellCast Tackles Coming Out

A simple video from WellCast to prep you for that moment when you decide to tell someone that you are gay......