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12 Feb 2014

Adam Philips by Wayne Abbott

Adam Philips photographed by Wayne Abbott

27 Jan 2014

Matt Thornton and Tyler Lough by Joseph Sinclair

Matt Thornton and Tyler Lough photographed by Joseph Sinclair.

12 Jan 2014

Muriel Vilela by Lope Navo

Muriel Vilela photographed by Lope Navo.

5 Jan 2014

Diego Fragoso By Henrique Padilha

Diego Fragoso photographed by Henrique Padilha.

4 Jan 2014

Jason Cox, Matt Watters and Matt Williams by Jeremy Kost

Jason Cox, Matt Watters and Matt Williams photographed by Jeremy Kost for Carbon Copy.

2 Jan 2014

Rene Maximo by Didio

Rene Maximo photographed by Didio

31 Dec 2013

Dream Dates by Vincent


Instinct magazine's 2014 calendar 'Dream Date' featuring models Muriel Vilela (January), Taejahn Taylor (February), Drury Armstrong (March), Manuel Vega (April), RL Stahl (May), Rafael Perez (June), Nate Maaske (July), Matt Williams (August), James Lasky (September), Guy Lubelchik (October), Julian Jaring (November) and Mick Rouse (December) by Vincent Dilio.

29 Dec 2013

Daniel Bederov by Jake Senfeld

Daniel Bederov photographed by Jake Senfeld.

27 Dec 2013

Frans Dam by Jeff Segenreich

Frans Dam photographed by Jeff Segenreich.

26 Dec 2013

Alessandro Hasni by Marcos Domingo Sanchez

Alessandro Hasni photographed by Marcos Domingo Sanchez.

24 Dec 2013

Chris Delbeck by Jeremy Kost

Chris Delbeck photographed by Jeremy Kost.

23 Dec 2013

Jake Cassar, Angus Hood and Saxon Dunworth by Dan Hilburn

Jake Cassar, Angus Hood and Saxon Dunworth photographed by Dan Hilburn for 'Frat Boys', an editorial in the latest issue of Tangent magazine.

21 Dec 2013

Gabriel Loureiro by Lucio Luna

Gabriel Loureiro photographed by Lucio Luna.

20 Dec 2013

Photo Of The Day

Giovanni Bonamy by Marcus Cooper for Adon Magazine.

Baptiste Giannesini by Samir Bahrir

Baptiste Giannesini photographed by Samir Bahrir for Lash Magazine.

19 Dec 2013

Anderson Santos by Fagner Damasceno

Anderson Santos photographed by Fagner Damasceno.

Zack Hartwanger by Deon Jackson

Zack Hartwanger photographed by Deon Jackson.

18 Dec 2013

Gui Fedrizzi by David Benoliel

Gui Fedrizzi photographed by David Benoliel.

Nate Levin by Leon Dash

Nate Levin photographed by Leon Dash.

17 Dec 2013

Mark MacKillop by Mae Richards

Mark MacKillop photographed by Mae Richards.