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Watch - Waseem Shaikh's Award Winning Short Film Cold

Check out Waseem Shaikh's 25-minute award winning short film, Cold. Cold is about a night in Toronto where several lives intersect-- each of them oblivious to the loneliness that connects them all.

Living in a big city can be daunting. Big cities can be cold. That is why we need to smile a little bit more to warm it up.....

Watch - Madonna Unveils Short Film 'secretprojectrevolution'

Madonna and Steven Klein’s 17 minute short film, 'secretprojectrevolution', is an honest, raw look at human rights and a call to action against censorship and complacency.

'secretprojectrevolution' marks the launch of Madonna's Art for Freedom campaign, 'an online global initiative to further freedom of expression.'

In a statement, Madonna said her goal was to 'show by the example of secretprojectrevolution my creative commitment to inspire change in the world through artistic expression. I hope my film and other submissions to Art for Freedom will be a call to action and give people a place to voice their own creative expression to help fight oppression, intolerance and complacency.'

Klein described the film as an examination of 'our private prisons. It questions what we do, how we do it and how we treat others. It questions our governments, and our collective thought patterns. Think about it – the power of art can lead to peace.'

Check out the short film after the jump.

Watch - DSquared2 Underwear Short Film

Steven Klein directs Matt Woodhouse, Travis Hanson and Ryan Bertroche for DSquared Underwear short film. Yay to the homage to Tom Of Finland....

Watch - It's Consuming Me

A guy is obsessed with his boyfriend in It’s Consuming Me. He just can't get the thought of his boyfriend out of his mind. Can a relationship this intense be real?

Watch the brilliant 3 minute short film after the jump.

Watch - The Language Of Love

In The Language Of Love, 17 year old Charlie struggles to find the words to be true to himself...and his best friend. 

A wry, delicate take on first love and awakening sexuality from a young man's perspective, The Language Of Love is written and performed by Kim Ho, under the mentorship of leading Australian playwright Tommy Murphy, and directed by Laura Scrivano, for The Voices Project from the Australian Theatre for Young People.

Watch the 9 minute short film after the jump.

Watch - German Gay Short, Zwillinge (Twins)

On the eve of his wedding Daniel meets again with his true love - his identical twin brother Jan. For the last one and a half years he has been running away from his feelings. Now, on his stag night he is being tested once more. Will he give in to his feelings?

Watch the beautifully sad 15 minute short film after the jump. 

Watch - Couple Therapy

In this hilarious short, Vincent (Mike Rose) and Daniel (Stephen Guarino) seeks therapy when a recent joke about Twitter goes viral in their relationship.

Watch the 7 minute short 'Couple Therapy' after the jump.

Watch - Zachary Quinto's Adorable Short Film 'Dog Eat Dog'

Zachary Quinto and the team at Petsami, a YouTube channel targeted towards animal lovers, have released a cute animal adoption film on YouTube. The film is titled Dog Eat Dog, and it follows Zachary Quinto as he attempts to adopt a dog.

Watch Quinto try to get his favorite dog in this adorable short film after the jump.

Watch - 306

Check out the short film '306'; written, directed and produced by film maker Elliot London.

This 11 minute short was released last year and is set in Chicago. It follows a day in the life of Eric (Brian Estel). 306 is a beautiful short film with no dialogue. All the information that you need is communicated through facial expression and the body language of the actors.

When you watch '306' you will think you know it all, but you don't. Judge for yourselves. '306' is NSFW. Video after the jump.

Watch - James Franco Reimagines 'Cruising'

Check out the trailer for 'Interior. Leather Bar.,' which recreates S&M footage rumoured to be cut and destroyed from the controversial 1980 film, 'Cruising'. With 'Interior. Leather Bar'., award-winning actor James Franco and filmmaker Travis Mathews imagine that lost 40 minute footage. Interior. Leather Bar. will be playing at Sundance Film Festival next month.

Watch - Short Film Triple Standard

LGBT's worst foe: The Closet Monster. Gays' worst enemies? Too often: Closet cases terrified of being exposed.

In Triple Standard, former professional basketball player Crim (William Jennings) and his boyfriend D (Lee Amir-Cohen) must confront Crim’s deep-seated homophobia, which he expresses in nasty interactions during a friendly game at the gym. Indeed, Crim seems to be a poster boy for the idea that the most vocally homophobic guys are the closet cases.

Triple Standard is a real treat. It's message is simple, clear and powerful. Check it out after the jump.

Watch - The Day The Earth Stopped Masturbating

Imagine a world where every time you, ummm...."relieved yourself", somebody somewhere in the world would instantly die. What would you do if the government made masturbation illegal? Totally NSFW.....

James Franco 'Cruising' Remake

James Franco, the gayest straight man in America, is re-creating graphic scenes from 'Cruising', the notorious 1980 Al Pacino film.

With A Piece Of Chalk

“With A Piece Of Chalk” is a heartwarming 4 minute short film about a young boy finding solace from his difficult childhood. Watch how he finds refuge in dancing. Just beautiful.....

The Colors Of Evil!

You have to check out this 4 minute animation short by Phillip Simon and Alyse Miller. A little girl summons a demon to deal with her bully of a classmate but the pink, fluffy, origami folding creature who shows up isn't quite what she expected. Awesome!!!

Julien Bam's Da Capo


JuBa Films’ Julien Bam incredible 3 minute short film entitled “Da Capo” is a beautifully edited, visual masterpiece with a message. We follow 'Astro' on his travel through the meaning of forgotten dreams and into a realization of it’s reach. It is an inspirational piece of work.........

People dream but they forget, but what if a dream remains as a memory that you can't forget? Imagine you wake up, but you are still asleep.

James Franco Is Going To Make A "Homo-Sex-Art-Film"

The gayest straight man in America is making a “homo-sex-art-film”. Yup, James Franco is getting gay on us yet again.

Performance Anxiety Trailer

Performance Anxiety is a comedic short film about two straight actors struggling while they rehearse a gay love scene. The question is, will they be able to kiss in front of the camera during the actual shooting? Danny Lopes and Lawrence Nicols play the roles of the two actors. The short film is currently touring festivals worldwide. It seems like a pretty funny short. Check out the trailer.

Behind the Scenes of James Franco's 'Rebel' Exhibition

James Franco's latest adventure is an art-film crossover exhibition titled Rebel ,which will be running at Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition, inspired by the film Rebel without a Cause, features artists like Paul and Damon McCarthy, Aaron Young, Harmony Korine, Ed Ruscha, Terry Richardson and Douglas Gordon. In an advance peek into the show, offers a two-part short that goes behind the scenes of the exhibition.

Pretty cool really. James and the artists built sets of a deconstructed mish-mash of the Chateau Marmont, complete with large video screens and a swimming pool. This guy is just amazing. Check it out.

Gay themed short film Homophobia made available free online ahead of IDAHO

Homophobia, a short film set in the Austrian army has been released free online ahead of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia tomorrow.

Michael, a soldier who is serving in the Austrian Military Forces, struggles to suppress his sexual feelings towards one of his comrade. During the pair’s final night on watch at the border between Austria and Hungary, armed with guns to prevent illegal crossings, Michael's feelings bubble over. Check out the short film below.