Could Matt Bomer be any more of a dreamboat?

Matt Bomer is just ridiculously good looking and, until very recently, I had no idea who he was at all. My friend has been watching the TV series White Collar and everytime he mentions Matt Bomer, he would go all doe eye. I was dying of curiosity. I need to find out who this guy is. So I checked out Matt's IMDB page, seeing the gorgeous picture above. The eyes got me first, followed by the everything else. Haha, I am now, officially, in love with Matt Bomer. What's there not to love? He’s talented, gorgeous and dedicated to his craft. Plus he can sing and sing well. I love a man that can sing. He comes across as intelligent, thoughtful and humble. This man just oozes charisma. His smile is gentle and those eyes could stop a heart. My only complaint is that it took me this long to discover his charms. And did I mentioned that he looks insanely good in suits. What do you think boys??? Isn't he gorgeous???

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Matt Bomer looking dashing in suits

Matt Bomer is just ridiculously smoking hot
Ohhh and Matt's batting for our team...… so ladies......neener neener neener.

Matt Bomer exchanging saliva with long time partner Simon Halls
    Matt Bomer and Simon Halls                     Matt Bomer and his three kids  
Matt Bomer channels Elvis Presley in a hot new photo shoot with GQ Italia.

A video from Matt Bomer’s GQ Italy photo shoot.