Megapost - John Barrowman and Scott Gill

'Doctor Who' star John Barrowman on how he met his partner of 19 years, architect Scott Gill -
"Scott came into the dressing room while I was getting dressed, ... I was bending over to pull my pants up, so the first thing he saw was my bare bum. Then I turned around and saw him. At that very instant, in my head, I said, 'That's him. That's the one.' And he says he was thinking the exact same thing."
John, 45 met Scott, 49 during a production of 'Rope' at the Chichester Festival Theatre in 1993, after Scott came to see John in the play.

In 2009, John published I Am What I Am, his second memoir detailing his recent television work and musings on fame.

'I Am What I Am' is one of my favorite memoir and this is my favorite part.
Seven things I’ve learned from Scott 
1. How to cook fish sticks (in the event I’m a survivor of the apocalypse and that’s all there is to eat).
2. How to rewire a phone (especially one chewed through by a certain dog when a certain partner was not paying attention to that certain dog’s actions). 
3. That saying too much is usually better than saying too little. 
4. That you could have a very serious ailment and not even know you have a very serious ailment and your highly trained doctor may not even know you have a very serious ailment, but whining and worrying about this very serious (and non-existent) ailment can make you feel much better. 
5. That a new furnace can be a beautiful thing (it’s not a classic Mercedes, but I do like to be warm in winter). 
6. That two men are always better than one (I mean as partners… um, as a couple… oh, never mind, just read on). 
7. That I couldn’t live without him.  
19 years and still going strong.

In the book, John reveals that when he was just beginning his acting career, management sent a gay producer to talk to him. The producer told John that he should try to pretend to be heterosexual in order to be successful. John was offended and it made him more aware of the importance of his role as a gay public figure: "One of my explicit missions as an entertainer is to work to create a world where no one will ever make a statement like this producer did to me to anyone who's gay."

John and Scott entertain a full house at the Atrium Ballroom, Dragon Con 2012. Saturday, Sept 1, 2012. John introduce Scott to the audience and later surprise them by sharing his superhero underpants.

John and Scott talks about John's work schedule and their relationship.

John and Scott talk about how they once strip at a club for money.

John and Scott share some insights into how to make a relationship work for the long haul.

BBC Wales news report on John and Scott's Civil Partnership. John and Scott entered into a civil partnership on December 27, 2006. They decline to call their relationship a marriage: "We're just going to sign the civil register. We're not going to have any ceremony because I'm not a supporter of the word 'marriage' for a gay partnership." Despite believing in God, John explains: "Why would I want a 'marriage' from a belief system that hates me?" A small ceremony was held in Cardiff with friends and family, with the cast of Torchwood and executive producer Russell T Davies as guests.

Scott's impromptu performance at John's concert in Cardiff on 13/11/11.

John and Scott introduces their puppies.

My fav couple ever. Ain't they just adorable?

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