Pedro Orioli by Raffael Silva

Pedro Orioli photographed by Raffael Silva.

Renato Freitas by Rafael Manson

Renato Freitas photographed by Rafael Manson.

Niels Krijgsman by Onder Konuralp

Niels Krijgsman photographed by Onder Konuralp.

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Photo Of The Day

Laurin Krausz and Andrey Zakharov

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GIF Of The Day

Zac Efron and Bear Grylls get touchy feely on Bear's show Running Wild. 

Tyler Tuck by Greg Vaughan

Tyler Tuck photographed by Greg Vaughan.

Samuele Zuccarello by Victor Santiago

Samuele Zuccarello photographed by Victor Santiago.

Norbi Novak by Byron L. Keulemans

Norbi Novak photographed by Byron L. Keulemans.

Juan Betancourt by Gorka Postigo

Juan Betancourt photographed by Gorka Postigo for Made in Brazil magazine.

Gabriel Loureiro by Jeff Segenreich

Gabriel Loureiro photographed by Jeff Segenreich.

Buster Battreall by Leo Corredor

Buster Battreall photographed by Leo Corredor.

12 Reasons Why You Should Check Out AussieBum's Instagram

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Tennis ace Novak Djokovic and friend

Photo Of The Day

Dan Osbourne

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Pietro Boselli by Darren Black

Pietro Boselli photographed by Darren Black.

Norbi Novak by Byron L Keulemans

Norbi Novak photographed by Byron L Keulemans.

Franco Noriega by Guilherme Licurgo

Franco Noriega photographed by Guilherme Licurgo.

Alexandre Tonette by Maycon Silveira

Alexandre Tonette photographed by Maycon Silveira.

Braeden Wright by Jon Malinowski

Braeden Wright photographed by Jon Malinowski.

Ivan Cardenas by Eran Levi

Ivan Cardenas photographed by Eran Levi.

Weder Wilham by Xavier Samré

Weder Wilham photographed by Xavier Samré.

Photo Of The Day

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Dustin McNeer

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Jordan Ver Hoeve by Joseph Lally

Jordan Ver Hoeve photographed by Joseph Lally.

Bentley Hudson by Skye Tan

Bentley Hudson photographed by Skye Tan.

David Rodriguez by Thomas Synnamon

David Rodriguez photographed by Thomas Synnamon.

Jonathan Santos by Deon Jackson

Jonathan Santos photographed by Deon Jackson.

Justin Hopwood by Greg Vaughan

Justin Hopwood photographed by Greg Vaughan.

Rafael Nadal Takes A Dip In The Ocean

Tennis ace Rafael Nadal was spotted taking a dip in the ocean in Ibiza, Spain.

Oliver Cheshire Goes Shirtless At The Beach

Oliver Cheshire was spotted soaking up the sun at Marbella beach, Spain.

Watch - Guy Watches Gay Porn With Unplugged Headphones In Library

This guy's headphones weren't quite plugged in when he decided to indulge in some gay porn at the library. It's freaking hilarious. Check it out after the jump.

Watch - John Barrowman Kissed A Guy During The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games featured a kiss between Arrow actor John Barrowman and a male dancer. Now... all we need is John to make out with someone for the closing ceremony..... Check out the kiss after the jump. 

Watch - Brent Antonello and Adam Senn Makes Out In 'Hit The Floor'

Not heard of VH1's Hit The Floor. It's ok. Here is a very good reason why you might wanna check it out.... Brent Antonello and Adam Senn very hot makeout scene....

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Photo Of The Day

Chris Salvatore

Eme C. Vergara by Pascual Ibañez

Eme C. Vergara photographed by Pascual Ibañez.

Ron Aluf by Daniel Kaminsky

Ron Aluf photographed by Daniel Kaminsky.

Marvin Cortes by Darren Tieste

Marvin Cortes photographed by Darren Tieste.

Alessio Pozzi by Fausto Di Pino

Alessio Pozzi photographed by Fausto Di Pino.

Francesco Brunetti by Victor Santiago

Francesco Brunetti photographed by Victor Santiago.

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Lucas Bernadini

Photo Of The Day

Niklas Langwara, Philip van den Hoogenband and Dennis Böer

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The Three Musketeers At Fina Diving World Cup 2014

A few photos of British divers Chris Mears, Jack Laugher and Tom Daley at the Fina Diving World Cup in Shanghai.

Joe Manganiello Is People's Hottest Bachelor

'Magic Mike' actor Joe Manganiello shows off his abs for People magazine‘s Hottest Bachelors issue.

World Cup Winning Bum On Display

World Cup winning goal scorer Mario Gotze was spotted showing off his bum during his vacation in Ibiza, Spain.