Brandon Lipchik by Jared Bautista

Brandon Lipchik photographed by Jared Bautista.

Tao Fernandez Caino by Theodore Samuels

Tao Fernandez Caino photographed by Theodore Samuels.

Pedro Dal Bó by Kacio Lira

Pedro Dal Bó photographed by Kacio Lira.

Brian Shimansky by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

Brian Shimansky photographed by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack for Da Man magazine.

Joey Kirchner by Deon Jackson

Joey Kirchner photographed by Deon Jackson.

Photo Of The Day

Guys And Cams

Gabe Witmer by Paul Reitz.

Gabe Witmer photographed by Paul Reitz.

Cody Johnson by Jared Bautista

Cody Johnson photographed by Jared Bautista.

Jack Laugher for Gay Times

British Olympic diver Jack Laughter swaps his tiny speedos for some colourful underwear in his feature for Gay Times.

Edilson Nascimento by Didio

Edilson Nascimento photographed by Didio in Elian Gallardo Underwear.

Emmett Pugh by Joseph Lally

Emmett Pugh photographed by Joseph Lally for Lally Pop 421.

Lucas Garcez by Fernando Machado

Lucas Garcez photographed by Fernando Machado.

Photo Of The Day

Jon Varak shows off his best 'Kazaky' impression....

Guys With Phones

Renato Ferreira

Cameron Smith by Lawrence Cortez

Cameron Smith photographed by Lawrence Cortez.

Ricardo Ramos by Alejandro Brito

Ricardo Ramos photographed by Alejandro Brito.

Brandon Miller by Jonny Shultz

Brandon Miller photographed by Jonny Shultz.

Carson Ludwick by Boy Josh

Carson Ludwick photographed by Boy Josh.

Drew Hudson by Karl Simone

Drew Hudson photographed by Karl Simone.

George Irineu by Wong Sim

George Irineu photographed by Wong Sim.

Guys And Cams

Photo Of The Day

Candid Street

Guys With Phones

Etienne St-Germain by Jared Bautista

Etienne St-Germain photographed by Jared Bautista.

Caspar Oechsler by Sasha Ivanov

Caspar Oechsler photographed by Sasha Ivanov.

Matthew Terry by Sharif Hamza

Matthew Terry photographed by Sharif Hamza for VMan magazine.

Anthony Inzone by Seth London

Anthony Inzone shot by Seth London.

Anthony Green by Sasha Ivanov

Anthony Green photographed by Sasha Ivanov.

Rafael Francisco by Igor Palhares

Rafael Francisco photographed by Igor Palhares.

Guys With Phones

Brandon Thornton by William Bichara

Brandon Thornton photographed by William Bichara.

George Irineu by Wong Sim

George Irineu photographed by Wong Sim.

Photo Of The Day

Igor Ramos by Bernardo Côrtes

Igor Ramos photographed by Bernardo Côrtes.

Joey Kirchner by Daniel Clavero

Joey Kirchner photographed by Daniel Clavero.

Nate Ryan by Nacer Paul

Nate Ryan photographed by Nacer Paul.

Guys With Phones

Sergio Carvajal for FTape

Sergio Carvajal is the latest hunk to featured on FTape's The Model Wall.

Samir Félix by Hay Torres

Samir Félix photographed by Hay Torres for Tá Poha magazine.

Silvester Ruck by Scott Hoover

Silvester Ruck photographed by Scott Hoover.

Bartek Kalinowski by Piotr Serafin

Bartek Kalinowski photographed by Piotr Serafin.

Nick Burnett by Scott Hoover

Nick Burnett photographed by Scott Hoover.

Guys And Cams

Silvester Ruck

Photo Of The Day

Guys With Phones

Pablo Hernandez

Evan Warmer by Sonny Tong

Evan Warmer photographed by Sonny Tong

Anderson Dias by Marcio Farias

Anderson Dias photographed by Marcio Farias.

Nick Bell by Michael Dar

Nick Bell photographed by Michael Dar.