It's Time - No More Marriage Discrimination

It's time - No more marriage discrimination 
A commercial in Australia against marriage discrimination

GetUp! in Australia released this magical commercial late last November to inspire the fight against marriage discrimination in Australia. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time. This is basically what all humans want. Whether its a guy and a girl. Girl and a girl. Or guy and a guy. LOVE. A life to share with someone. Memories.

The most beautiful commercial I have come across. It captures love and living with a person you love better in 2 minutes than any hollywood movie. Awesome job to the team at GetUp! and Motion Picture Company.

Lolli of the day - Sean O Pry

My lolli of the day is Sean O'Pry. Sean (born July 5, 1989) is an American male model from Kennesaw, Georgia. He really needs no introduction as he had a meteor of a career. You would have seen him somewhere before and not realise it, be it a magazine, a billboard, a poster or even a music video (Madonna's Girl Gone Wild). His beautiful mug has been everywhere these past few years. 

First gay kiss in Days of our lives

NBC's daytime soap Days of Our Lives aired the first same-sex kiss in the show's 46 year history 2 months back when the character of Will Horton kisses a guy he meets at a party. Will, played by Chandler Massey, has been struggling with his sexuality for several months now and not yet admitted to anyone - including himself - that he is gay. But after drinking a few beers and spending the evening with a group of gay guys he met thru his gay friend Sonny (Freedie Smith), Will finds himself attracted to a guy (Jesse Kristofferson) who's been flirting with him and decides to make a move.

The kissing scene starts around 8"20 and things become crystal clear at the end of the video. So what that it has taken more than 10,000 episodes to get here. It's here now. Enjoy!

Abercrombie and Finch promo boys

A & F promo boys on display

If you don't want to be nude, wear a suit

Just watched some of American photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber's old work. Kinda like this piece that he did 2 years back. Real classy. A bit of info about how this short film came about. Weber was commissioned by Yves Saint Laurent’s Creative Director Stefano Pilati to shoot and direct this short film that made its debut at the presentation of the YSL Collection Homme Fall Winter 2010-2011.

It was screened before Pilati’s Yves Saint Laurent men’s wear show. Titled “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing. This short does show a fair bit of skin and the boys are cute. Need I say more to entice you..........

The worst boyfriend ever and one funny prank

It's a very funny prank I must admit. Boyfriend pretends to be a burglar, waits for his girlfriend and friends to come home, then accidentally bums into them. It scared the bejesus out of the girls. Just feel sorry for the girlfriend. Poor thing. She should really slap him silly.

Aussie Bum Pocket JockIt - What's in my pocket?

Just came across Aussie Bum Pocket JockIt promo video. Very fun to watch. Love it when a jelly snake get pulled out haha. Would really like to what else could go in those tiny pockets......And remember this the next time you see a guy with a promising bulge. Before you go up to him and ask him if that’s a phone in his jeans or if he’s just excited to see you, you might be surprised that it’s actually a phone tucked in there.


Heart 2010 
Damien is compelled to follow his heart for one last chance at happiness. 
Watching out for him are Fiona and Doc who prove that family isn't always who 
you're born to but who's got your back.

This 14 minute Irish short film is all about friendship. Written and directed by Mark Cogan, Heart is beautiful and moving. Damien wanted to confess his love for his "ex-boyfriend" before it's too late. (He is getting married) He does not have enough courage to do it, so he takes along his friends for support. This short is magnificent from beginning to the end, It just grabs you and drags you along. It would have been seriously depressing if not for the humour added at exactly the right places. I love the scene where Doc stood up for Damien - "Noboby calls my friend a faggot except me". It was quite a heart warming scene. Heck, who needs family if you have friends like Fiona and Doc.....

Another Call Me Maybe parody

Another cute parody video on Carly Rae Jepsen's infectious hit "Call Me Maybe." This time with lots of shirtless boys plus a drag queen. Cute! This parody by Weho Queens redux.

Had a stranger ever caught your eyes?

Have you ever been sitting on a bus or train and a stranger catches your eyes? What would you do? Will you smile and say hi? Would you have gone up to him and introduce yourself? Or would you bury your face in your newspaper/Ipad/laptop or whatever to pretend you are busy?

Oh. My. God. - The Patriota Twins


Just came across this. I guess someone is not too happy with Stonewall's "Some people are gay. Get over it" campaign.

David Beckham new Burger King Commercial

Burger King just release a new ad featuring the mesmerizing charms of David Beckham. Watch female and male BK employees fall in lurve as Becks orders a smoothie.

Used to be a big fan of Becks until his tattoo obsession grew, but still, he is ageing rather well isn't he............

Hong Kong pop star Anthony Wong comes out

Congratulations to Anthony. We, in asia, need more high profile individuals who are gay to come out and be open about their sexuality if there is to be hope of equality and reforms. 

News source - Wall Street Journal 

Hong Kong pop star Anthony Wong kept his revelation for the end of the concert. Then, before thousands of fans, lit by a single pool of spotlight, Mr. Wong put an end to years of public speculation. “People don’t need to guess whether or not I’m a tongzhi [Chinese slang for homosexual] anymore,” he said on the last night of his concert series at the Hong Kong Coliseum earlier this week. “I’m saying, I’m gay. I’m a homosexual.

Whoops and cheers from the crowd greeted the announcement by the singer and producer, who followed his announcement with a roguish jab at the city’s paparazzi. “I’m sorry, members of the media. For the next 20 years, I’ll keep singing songs, but you don’t need to ask me this question any longer,” he declared.


Homecoming, an independent short film shot by Mike Buonaiuto for the Coalition for Equal Marriage hopes to rally support through social media, ahead of UK's government plans to redefine their civil marriage to include same-sex couples. Below are the short film and the behind the scene.

A marriage proposal

I have a lot of respect for these guys. It takes A LOT OF GUTS to do this in Singapore. And to do this in busy orchard road, you really need an extra bucket of courage. Hats off. Wish you guys all the best.

Seniors doing the Kama Sutra

Ewwww..........this is so god.......... this is soooo wrong......These are some of the words that pop out of my mouth whilst I was watching this commercial. This campaign commercial is going to set some tougues wagging I tell you. For good or bad. Well at least, it will achieve its aim in raising awareness I guess. Not a bad thing since the message is very important. But why am I subjected to this :) The images from this ad will never leave me haha.

This is from -

"In the past 5 years, the rate of STDs among active seniors has risen over 70%. This public service announcement promotes the importance of using condoms, illustrated by mature adults in various poses of the Kama Sutra."

And ohhh, if you are over 70 years of age and contracted an STD, this will be my response to you: "Congratulations. You are a champion and I salute you. Hats off.". Ok now.... I need to delete my browsing history.........

Minimalist posters of classic disney films

Stumbled across a great designer. Really enjoyed looking thru his work. Great minimalist designs! The darker tones really give these posters an edgy feel. Love the snow white poster. These cool disney poster arts are created by artist Rowan Stocks-Moore. To find out more about him, click here.


Synopsis from IMDB -

306 is a film that makes the viewer question: Is the closest person in your life normal? A family member, friend, or a lover? What is the norm that we are suppose to follow in life? What is perceived as normal on the outside is usually just a daily costume, which we as people like to dance around in to assimilate into society. The question is: Who is Eric Hays? Or more specifically: What is Eric Hays hiding? 306 gives the viewer a chance to see a secret that no one else gets to see.

306 is a beautiful short film just over 10 minutes with no dialogue. This short follows the day in the life of a rather cute student. There are two secrets in this film. I will not spoil it for you. Will leave them for you to find. The story is well told and very poetic. And I did not see the twist coming at the end. A really nice short film. Seriously nice. Congratulations to Elliot London, the director, writer and producer for coming up with this little gem.

To watch 306, click here.

Best appreciated close up - MIROSLAV brillant underwear campaign

Australian underwear brand Miroslav has produced a series of quirky commercials that adds a fun twist to their tag line, 'best appreciated up close'. It is so good that I just had to share them with you. They are four print ads (above), as well as three commercials (below) that all show people having to get right up to the underwear, and I really mean RIGHT UP. It's hilarious. You seldom see underwear being marketed this way. Very different. The "Walker" is definately the funnies out of the lot. I am going to watch it again. I hope you enjoy them too...To find out more about Miroslav underwear, click here.




Le ciel sur la tête - Times Have Been Better

Synopsis from Elisa - My reviews and Ramblings

When a 30-something gay guy comes out to his ostensibly liberal parents, things don't go according to plan.

Jeremy excels at everything. He's only 30 but has just been promoted to an executive position at the bank. In his parents' eyes, he's the golden child, much to the chagrin of his younger brother, Robin, who has been the only one in the family privy to Jeremy's sexual predilections.

But when Jeremy unexpectantly stops by for Sunday Brunch and announces that he's just moved in with, well, his boyfriend, things begin to percolate: Jeremy's parents always fancied themselves as progressive and liberal.........after this piece of news - not so much. They embark on a comical quest to find out what caused Jeremy's homosexuality. Mom and Dad accuse one another of knowing their son's secret and never having shared that knowledge. Can this lovely family ever come together again in peace?

Charlotte de Turckheim stars as Rosine, Bernard le Coq is Jeremy's father Guy,and a trio of irresistible men round out the cast.

This film is about the son (Jeremy) coming out to his parents and them coping with the news that their most beloved son is gay. It is not so much about Jeremy but more on the relationship of the parents and how they dealt with it. As the parents say, it could have been worse: Jérémy could have been in a car crash, have an orphan disease, cancer, or died in a terrorist attack. This film is beautifully shot. It's many strengths are the finely drawn and fully rounded characters. It's quirky and a delight to watch. Great performances from all the actors. And the French do know how to write a comedy...... Loved it!!! Check it out. You'll be charmed too.....

To watch Le ciel sur la tête, click here.

Wedding Wars 2006

Shel inevitably outed Ted when he mentioned his name in a press interview 
on gay marriage. Ted is not sure about marriage and an argument 
develops between Ted and Shel.

John Stamos kissed a guy ... and liked it!

How much money would you pay to get a kiss on the lips from hunky John Stamos?

At last month’s GLAAD Media Awards in New York City, a man bid $5,000 to smooch hunky John Stamos. John hollered to the man as he took the stage "Come to daddy over here baby, come to Uncle Jesse" He kissed that man 3 times. Guess he must have liked it :)

Gosh John looks as good as he did in his Full House years. What a dish!!!

The "Call me maybe" obsession continues

Few days ago, I discover this amazingly catchy little number, Call me maybe, by canadian poppet, Carly Rae Jepsen. The single has hit the top of the charts in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and United Kingdom. In the US, the track broke into the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 just last week. Seems there are a lot of tribute/spoof videos from celebrities and fans alike. The funnies being the one developed by hoodwinked film (below). The Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez clip is a must watch too as it is totally adorkable. I think Carly really have to write all these people a thank you note for all the extra publicity. Enjoy!

From Hoodwinked Films -Two guys develop an unhealthy 
obsession with Carly Rae Jepsen's smash hit Call me maybe.

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, Alfredo Flores, 

Carlos Pena, Samantha Droke spoof of Call me maybe

Kate Perry and friends singing and dancing to Call me maybe

James Franco and friend lip-syncing to Call me maybe

Nike Free advertisement - I would run to you

Love makes people do crazy things. Like run across the country. 
See how strong running reunites a long distance couple. 

Just stumble across this Nike commercial. Absolutely adore it. It's so cheerful and sweet. One of the kookiest ad I have seen for a while. The "I think I'm gonna need a medic" line is freaking brillant. I just cannot help but break into a big grin. I know you will like this ad too. Below are the lyrics to the song in the commercial.

New Spornos from Bruce Weber

Abercrombie & Fitch has long been known for its use of homoerotic imagery in its ad campaigns and editorial spreads. In a new steamy clip (Other sports require one ball. Wrestling requires two), the clothing brand goes one step further by featuring hunky male models wrestling, showering and even kissing.

Famed photographer Bruce Weber is a guy who knows exactly what we like and he's given it to us in spades with four new webersodes which takes sporno to a whole new level!!!

                                        Other sports require one ball. Wrestling requires two.

Li XiaoBing wank tape

Chinese male model, Li XiaoBing was caught wanking on webcam.

Serene hunter

Review from Gay Celluloid -

Relationships - funny things aren't they, given some folk yearn for them, whilst others can do without them, preferring instead the thrill of the chase. Take Luc for example, a Parisian hunk who delights in laptop hookups, until he finds himself moving in with Sébastien, a young man only too well aware of his 'special relationship' with LA based Jon; a sauna buddy who heads to Paris every year for some sexual sweat with his - French horn! Only this time around something is different; for surely the hunter hasn't fallen prey to love?

Written, directed and starring Jason Bushman of Hard Pill fame, this refreshingly honest examination of gay relationships details the highs and lows of playing the field. In doing so, neither the cast, nor the narrative, shy away from the reality of the situation, as the 'to be or not to be monogamous' debate is played to the full, complete with scenes of penile nudity that make this the most sexually overt short featured on Peccadillo Pictures critically acclaimed 'Boys on Film' debut compilation.

Yet this is also a work laced with many a tender moment, notably the initial sequences between Luc / Eric Debets and Sébastien / Jonathan Stringat, together with certain scenes between Luc and 'the other woman' in his life, as finely played by Bushman himself. Yes the hunt for sex remains the dominant theme, as Luc relentlessly cruises his way to his next climatic encounter. But it's well-shot throughout, with Bushman displaying a fine talent in all areas, inparticular in showcasing the complex nature of human relationships in such an entertaining way. Need more be said?

A short film that explores 2 themes - Monogamy vs Open relationship and whether long time friendship will change if you sleep together. Serene Hunter is short at 13 minutes. It is sexy and explicit. Of course, the French setting adds a lot of charm to it. Do watch it.

To watch Serene hunter, click here.

Marky Mark and the hidden jewels

One of my friends love Marky Mark. I could never work out what's the attraction. Anyhow here's to old friend.

Ski Camp Uncut - Bonus Episode

See what happens when 5 hot gay boys hit the ski slopes of Queenstown, New Zealand for Gay Ski Week for the very first time. This is's online gay reality series Ski Camp and this is the Uncut episode. This Uncut episode shows a bit of flesh, bloopers from the entire series and a behind the scene look at the ski camp photoshoot. The contestants look so yummylicious.......

Click on the links below to watch the entire Ski Camp series.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5 - Final Episode

Call me maybe - Carly Rae Jespen

Just discover this video from canadian poppet Carly Rae Jespen. The song is so catchy!!! I love the ending of this music video. Cute!!!

Even the Royal Marines need to bathe every once in a while........

Chris Terrill, an award winning documentarian followed the Lima Company of the Royal Marines in Afghanistan for his series Royal Marines : Mission Afghanistan. 

Guilty pleasure. Lots of half naked and naked marines on parade. All those virile young men. Wonderful!!! Don't ask me what the documentary is about.... I was not paying much attention :)

Watch the video here.

The war boys

George comes out to his adopted sister

Anyone for a dickdog?

A stall in taiwan selling a dick shaped snack.

I am speechless. Really..... What next? Vagina shaped waffles....??? Butt shaped buns.......??? Hmmm butt shaped that's an idea worth exploring......

Henri, the cat

Henri 2

Henri 2 is the sequel to the original Henri video (Below). Both videos has gone viral and it is easy to see why. It's clever and charming. I think it is absolutely brillant!!!

Henri is just adorable. The "I am surrounded by morons" line is pure gold. And that over the shoulder look Henri gave is priceless. And don't everything spoken in french sounds awesome!!!

Henri 1

Some people are gay. Get over it!

Stonewall, Britain's most prominent gay rights lobbying group, extends its Education for All campaign message "Some people are gay. Get over it!" to launch the largest advertising campaign of its kind on 1000 London buses to promote equal marriage.

The message is clear - some people are gay, there's nothing anyone can do about that, so if you've got a problem with it then that's your issue to get over.

Love the tagline!!!

Protect me from what I want

Protect me from what I want review from Gay Celluloid -

Fans of acting twin Elliott Tittensor could be forgiven for thinking that all their wet dreams have come true, when in this British short Elliott gets down to some manly hanky-panky with the object of his cinematic desire. 

For here Tittensor plays Daz; a gay scally on the look out for some man-on-man action, only to find himself attracted to Saleem instead, namely a young Muslim hardly out to himself, let alone open to the thought of rampant gay sex. Exiting the scene faster than a discarded condom, it isn’t long before the two meet again. Only as a council bed-sit sees Daz instruct virginal Saleem in the art of man sex, could it be that Saleem has a lesson or two to teach Daz? 

Sh*t Girls Say To Gay Guys

This video is absolutely hilarious and the guy who plays the girl is absolutely top notch. Bravo!!!

Zac Efron caught in the nude

Efron arranging himself :)

Cheong-ah Hwang - 3D paper art

Some people are simply born with amazing gift, like the power to make plain paper become multi-layered pieces of art.

Korean, Cheong-ah Hwang’s paper art is one of a kind. Her ability to craft realistic 3D figures is breathtaking. Take a look for yourself. Amazing!!!

To find out more about Cheong-ah Hwang, click here.

Bramadero 2007

Review from Gay Celluloid -

If you like a bit or even a lot of erotic man-on-man action in your cinematic viewing, then this is one for you. For whilst fans of the films of writer and director Julián Hernández of Broken Sky and A Thousand Clouds of Peace fame will no doubt be more than familiar as to the nature of his work, perhaps even they are in for a surprise here, given in this instance Hernández has delivered a piece that boldly goes where no BBFC short has gone before! 

France should score more goals

Olivier Giroud kisses Mathieu Debuchy after scoring for France against Germany

Rainbow monkey bandages

Rainbow monkey bandages come in every colour of the gay rainbow. Wouldn't it make a cool Pride accessory??? Ain't they the cutes???

Solos 2007

Solos focuses on three characters. A teacher (Lim Yu Beng) is in a relationship with his male student (Loo Zihan, co-director). While the teacher is committed to developing a proper relationship with the boy, including meeting the boy's mom (Goh Guat Kian), the boy is less faithful, and has an outside affair. The movie also deal with the mom's confrontation of her emotion, arises from the affairs around her.

Basket et Maths (Basketball and Mathematics) 2009

What does a boy do when you fall in love with your straight best friend? This 7 minute short film from France is rather sweet and touching. A definite must see.

Below is a review from the Gay Celluloid on this little gem -

What’s a gay boy to do when he’s fallen in love with Cédric, his officially straight best friend? For that in a nutshell is the touching scenario on offer here, only one that gets complicated when the object of Jérôme’s affection seemingly cannot decide which team to bat for, kissing him gay style during their time spent revising maths together, only to rebuke him in school when lessons switch to basketball. Contemplating coming out to his parents and unsure of whether sexually confused Cédric feels the same way about him, life sure isn‘t as easy as doing basketball or mathematics for our boy. Or should that be, being straight or gay. 

Complete with a liberal minded older brother of the type that all gay teens should have, this well-executed short as based on an idea from Sébastien Perroy takes pride in being true to your sexual self, being like its companion works En Colo and Fusion Man, part of the batch of five Government commissioned works against homophobia. 

Directed by Rodolphe Marconi and with natural performances from Jean-Denis Marcoccio / Jérôme and Aurélien Baty / Cédric as two young men desperately trying to come to terms with their sexuality, let alone affairs of the heart, this for many would have marked the perfect gay short, had it not been for the noticeable absence of a closing kiss. Then again, the meaning of the final scene is all but obvious in this delightful INPES work, one that in this instance is complete with a coming out speech that ... well that would be saying, but like the short itself, it has to be seen to be enjoyed. Need more be said?

To watch Basket et Maths, click here.

Pac-Man The Movie (The Fan Film)

Ohhh mother, this is way cool!!! Fabulous animation guys. I wonder if this could lead to an actual movie........ To find out more about this fan made short and the people behind it, visit Project Yellow Sphere. Well done guys!!!

The Sugar Dandies

The Sugar Dandies ballroom dance to Westlife's 'You Raise Me Up.'

My boyfriend send me another youtube link. Yup another act in Britain got talent had caught his fancy...Sigh this time with explicit instructions that I must watch and finish the video. Well he knows me well enough to know that I would probably watch it half way and just click it close or worse, ignores it.

Hon, I fiinish the video. Make sure you issue me with good brownie points for this because I was so tempted to click close half way. I really have nothing much to say about The Sugar Dandies performance. But I know one thing, if it is a straight couple doing the exact same thing, it would not have generated much hype and they will probably be out of the contest without so much of a whim.


Synopsis from IMDB

Despite his marginal and extrovert looks, Jérémie is a shy teenager who keeps a heavy secret: his homosexuality. While trying to find his way between his classmate and sexual fantasy Damien and his very generous but protective mother Gina, his life is about to change...

Cappuccino, a 16 minute 2010 short film from Switzerland, focuses on endearingly awkward Jeremy (Benjamin Décosterd) as he juggles life with his mother (Manuela Biedermann) and his crush on classmate Damien (Anton Ciurlia). Unrequited teenage love is a familiar story – sometimes painfully so – but handled confidently here, without becoming melodramatic. Décosterd is suitably vulnerable as things don’t go to plan, but towards the end your attention may be drawn more to Biedermann’s strong turn as his mother.

Well-executed throughout, with specific attention lovingly paid to the light and shade of the piece, here we find writer and director Tamer Ruggli weaving a tale that whilst walking more than familiar cinematic ground, nevertheless wonderfully depicts the raw reality of a gay teenager's first crush.

To watch Cappuccino, click here.