Watch - Davey Wavey Gets Some Gold Medal Sexy Time With Matthew Mitcham

Davey Wavey gets to spend sometime with Australian Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham but all he could talk about is Tom Daley.... What a shame!!!

GIF of The Day - Dancing Twins

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Ukrainian gymnast Oleg Verniaiev

Photo Of The Day

British Olympic divers Chris Mears and Jack Laugher having a sleepover.....

Ben Cohen And Kevin Clifton's Ab Show

Who has the better abs? Ben Cohen or 'Strictly Come Dancing' pro dancer Kevin Clifton? I say Ben by a nose....

Cristiano Ronaldo Strips Off Again For CR7

Portuguese soccer ace Christiano Ronaldo strips off again to model his new CR7 underwear range.

Watch - Colton Hayes Talks New York In Downtown Minute

'Arrow' hunk Colton Haynes shows Nylon Tv and DKNY Jeans around his New York City in 'Downtown Minute'.

And here is one reason why you should be watching arrow....

The Russell Tovey Gun Show

English actor Russell Tovey shows off his guns in a selfie....

Nothing Comes Between Romain Zago And His Calvins

Romain Zago was spotted enjoying some pool time at his home with his wife, Real Housewives of Miami’s Joanna Krupa, in Miami, Florida.

Liam Payne's Day At The Pool

One Direction heartthrob Liam Payne was spotted showing off his toned, tanned torso in a pair of loose-fitting black swim shorts as he enjoys a day by the pool in Adelaide, Australia.

Photo Of The Day

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Candid Street

Gabriel Burger by Cristiano Madureira

Gabriel Burger shows off his hot wheels to photographer Cristiano Madureira.

Tyler Maher by Daniel Clavero

Tyler Maher photographed by Daniel Clavero.

Victor Dellorto by Way Chen

Victor Dellorto photographed by Way Chen.

Gui Fedrizzi by Mattia Tacconi

Gui Fedrizzi returns as the face for resort wear brand Danward for their Fall 2013 campaign. The Brazilian is lensed by Mattia Tacconi.

Allen Lovell by Darren Black

 Allen Lovell photographed by Darren Black.

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Kirill Dowidoff

Photo Of The Day

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Joey Finn by Jared Bautista

Joey Finn updates his portfolio with a few images by photographer Jared Bautista.

Pablo Morais by Jeffrey Booze

Pablo Morais photographed by Jeffrey Booze.

Leu Kiister by Igor Pallhares

Leu Kiister photographed by Igor Pallhares for Voyeur magazine.

Diego Rovo by Wong Sim

Diego Rovo photographed by Wong Sim.

John Dell by Graham Martin

John Dell photographed by Graham Martin.

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Photo Of The Day

Jhonny Marcondes by Arno Roca

Jhonny Marcondes photographed by Arno Roca.

Rafael Farias by Hay Torres

Rafael Farias photographed by Hay Torres.

Jordan Culpepper & Max Edington by Ricky Cohete

Jordan Culpepper and Max Edington photographed by Ricky Cohete.

Ricardo Baldin by Stefano Raphael

Ricardo Baldin photographed by Stefano Raphael.

Eli Agnew by Michael Andrew

Eli Agnew photographed by Michael Andrew.

Gabriel Fletcher by Marcio Amaral

Gabriel Fletcher photographed by Marcio Amaral.

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Photo Of The Day

Santi Waine

Watch - Victor Yongho Choi (최용호) In 'Born To Be A Man'

Victor Yongho Choi (최용호) photographed and filmed by Adion Lay.

Luiz Henrique Gehlen by Eber Figueira.

Luiz Henrique Gehlen photographed by Eber Figueira.

Jonas Spiegelhalter by Emmanuel Sanchez-Monsalve

Jonas Spiegelhalter photographed by Emmanuel Sanchez-Monsalve.

Connor Straathof by Blake D’Onofrio

Connor Straathof photographed by Blake D’Onofrio.

Haris Adzem by Armin Čolo

Haris Adzem photographed by Armin Čolo.

Florian Bourdilla by Dave Macgillivray

Florian Bourdila photographed by Dave Macgillivray.

Watch - Shirtless Abercrombie & Fitch Model Covers Ylvis' What Does the Fox Say?

Dog goes woof. Cat goes meow. But what do the shirtless Abercrombie & Fitch models say? Oh come on, do you care?!