Watch - Daniel Radcliffe’s Gay Film Kill Your Darlings Trailer

The first full trailer was released for Daniel Radcliffe’s new film Kill Your Darlings.

Kill Your Darlings follows Allen Ginsberg (played by Radcliffe) during the gay beat poet’s early years at Columbia University.

Watch the trailer after the jump.

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Candid Street

Jordan Goodenough By Dimitris Theocharis

Jordan Goodenough photographed by Dimitris Theocharis.

Agustin Alerborn and Andre Fellipe by Gustavo Zylbersztajn

Agustin Alerborn and Andre Fellipe photographed by Gustavo Zylbersztajn for ffw Mag! # 34.

Caleb Lane by Andrew Weir

Caleb Lane photographed by Andrew Weir

Scott Kelly by Joseph Lally

Scott Kelley photographed by Joe Lally.

Baptiste Giannesini by Brice Hardelin

Baptiste Giannesini photographed by Brice Hardelin.

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Will Grant

Kenny Braasch by Greg Vaughan

Kenny Braasch photographed by Greg Vaughan.

Ryan Vigilant by Greg Vaughan

Ryan Vigilant photographed by Greg Vaughan.

Rafael Nadal Shows Off Hot Bod At Practice

Tennis ace Rafael Nadal gives us a peek of his hot bod as he practices at Arthur Ashe stadium in Flushing Queens.

Douglas Booth And His Pillowy Lips Brings Sexy To Flaunt

Romeo and Juliet actor Douglas Booth looking gorgeous in his Flaunt magazine feature.

Chris Mears and One Lucky Donut

Here is a shirtless pic of British diver Chris Mears eating a donut and contemplating if he should lick.........out the filling....

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Duane J. Moreno by Joseph Bleu

Duane J. Moreno photographed by Joseph Bleu.

Jonathan Santos by Talles Bourges

Jonathan Santos photographed by Talles Bourges.

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Johann by Ulrich Lindenthal.

Johann captured by Ulrich Lindenthal.

Nick Saba by Scott Teitler

Nick Saba photographed by Scott Teitler.

Alessandro Pierozan by Rodrigo Marconatto

Alessandro Pierozan photographed by Rodrigo Marconatto.

Caio Paiva by Paulo Manzato Jr

Caio Paiva photographed by Paulo Manzato Jr.

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Ian Paget

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Joshua Saari by Josh Norris

Joshua Saari photographed by Josh Norris.

Giovanni Bonamy by Sylvain Norget

Giovanni Bonamy photographed by Sylvain Norget for denim brand, Sixth June.

Watch - Cute Couple Demonstrate Every Possible 'Awkward Kiss'

Watch too-cute couple, Ethan and Mark, demonstrate every 'awkward kiss' that they can think of. They miss out on 'The Morning Breath' kiss but we will forgive them. They are just too cute for words!!!

Ricky Martin for GQ Australia

Ricky Martin looks smoking hot on the cover of this month's GQ Australia. In excerpts released by the magazine, the Latin singer got candid about his past, revealing that he used to bully other gay people when he was younger, as he tried to hide who he was.
'I was very angry, very rebellious. I used to look at gay men and think, I’m not like that, I don’t want to be like that, that’s not me. I was ashamed,” Ricky told the magazine. “When you’re told you’re wrong by everyone, from society, from your faith – my self-esteem was crushed. I took my anger out on those around me.'
“I look back now and realize I would bully people who I knew were gay. I had internalized homophobia. To realize that was confronting to me,” he added. “I wanted to get away from that.” 

Igor Fonseca, Junior Bortotti and Rodolfo Liebl by Will Mendonça

Igor Fonseca, Junior Bortotti and Rodolfo Liebl photographed by Will Mendonça.

Nathan Webb by Scott Hoover

Nathan Webb photographed by Scott Hoover.

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Nick Hadad

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Candid Street

Ryley Lanteigne by Alex Evans

Ryley Lanteigne photographed by Alex Evans.

Seo In Gook for Men's Health

South Korean singer and actor Seo In Gook shows off his pecs in the September edition of Men’s Health’s Korea.

Dominik Filus by Piotr Serafin

Dominik Filus photographed by Piotr Serafin.

Danny Schwarz by Jang Hyun Hong

British model Danny Schwarz spends sometime poolside with photographer Jang Hyun Hong for the latest issue of GQ Style Korea.

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Stefanos Milatos

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Nick Hadad

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Shawn Stolz

Kevin Zegers Goes Shirtless For Flaunt

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones actor Kevin Zegers goes shirtless for his feature in the latest issue of Flaunt magazine.

Nick Hadad by Sean-Micah Siegel

Nick Hadad photographed by Sean-Micah Siegel.

Forrest Dabinett by Marieke Gras

Forrest Dabinett photographed by Marieke Gras.

Nic Palladino by Sebastian Kill

Nic Palladino photographed by Sebastian Kill.