Pierre by Alex Salgues

Pierre photographed by Alex Salgues.

Angelos by Errikos Andreou

Angelos photographed by Errikos Andreou.

Damien Pannier by Chantelle Dosser

Damien Pannier photographed by Chantelle Dosser

Candid Street

Guys And Cams

Jessy Stevens

Jonathan Guijarro by Darren Black

Jonathan Guijarro photographed by Darren Black.

Matthieu Riffi by Alex Salgues

Matthieu Riffi photographed by Alex Salgues.

Guys With Phones

Steven Dehler

Photo Of The Day

Will Grant

Val Chmerkovskiy And His Brother Maksim Shows Off Their Matching Abs.

Dancing With The Stars, Val and Maksim Chmerkovskiy shows off their matching abs at the ‘Oil Of Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash’ event the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Josh Button Shirtless Workout

Diet Dr. Pepper hunk Josh Button was spotted shirtless during a sweaty workout session at a park in Miami.

Charlie Hunnam Loses His Shirt For Pacific Rim

JustJared posted this new production still of Charlie Hunnam in his upcoming flick Pacific Rim. The sci-fi flick just got a bit more interesting.......

Greg Rikaart Comes Out Gay

Emmy-winning Young and the Restless star Greg Rikaart added another way for an actor to come out as gay - tweet a photo of yourself with your boyfriend in celebration of the Supreme Court marriage equality rulings.

"Not getting married anytime soon, but celebrating #equality tonight nonetheless."

Andrew Garfield Shows Off His Spidey Bulge On Set

Well I am pretty sure you won't see this bulge much in The Amazing Spider-Man 2......

Romulo Arantes Neto Hits The Waves

Brazilian actor Romulo Arantes Neto was spotted hitting the waves at Leblon beach, Brazil.

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Candid Street

Gianfranco Franzolini by Jorge Freire

Gianfranco Franzolini photographed by Jorge Freire.

Mauro Ximenes by Hay Torres

Mauro Ximenes photographed by Hay Torres for Tá Poha! magazine.

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Guys And Cams

Colin Wayne by Golden Czermak

Fitness model Colin Wayne photographed by Golden Czermak for Vanity Hype magazine.

Junior Rosello by Alex Salgues

Junior Rosello photographed by Alex Salgues.

Erik Sage by Joseph Lally

Erik Sage photographed by Joseph Lally.

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Guys And Dogs

Candid Street

Photo Of The Day

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English artistic gymnast Sam Oldham

Lee Ryan Shows Off Sunburn

After a day at the beach with Duncan James, Lee Ryan shows off his sunburn with a couple of selfies.

Caption This

Team GB divers Chris Mears, Jack Laugher and Tom Daley had a ...................

Kellan Lutz for Ocean Pacific

Kellan Lutz is the face of Op’s Summer 2013 campaign. Check out some photos from the campaign after the jump.

Jared Leto for Candy

Jared Leto drags himself out for the Summer 2013 issue of Candy magazine. The 30 Seconds To Mars frontman is lensed by Terry Richardson.

Do The Boys On ‘Teen Wolf’ Ever Wear A Shirt?

In the latest episode of 'Teen Wolf', we were treated to a plethora of shirtlessness. Charlie Carver and his twin brother Max Carver, along with Daniel Sharman and Keahu Kahuanu are the shirtless wonders on the show this week. Check out stills from the show after the jump. 

Candid Street

Guys And Cams

Danny Nova by Tommy Chung

Danny Nova photographed by Tommy Chung.

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Photo Of The Day

The pool looks very inviting with Renato Ferreira in it.......

Guys And Cams

How John Barrowman Celebrated The Overturned Of Doma


Here is how John Barrowman celebrated the overturned of Doma.... A thumbs up lip lock with partner Scott Gill.

Tyler and Zack Brank by Janice Quijano

Twins Tyler and Zack Brank photographed by Janice Quijano.

Brenden Achtemichuk by Ryan E. Wibawa

Brenden Achtemichuk photographed by Ryan E. Wibawa. The lost Hemsworth anyone?

Tyler Kenyon by Renie Saliba

Tyler Kenyon photographed by Renie Saliba

Watch - Will Teen Wolf's Stiles Be Open To Some Man-To-Man Action?

If last week's episode of Teen Wolf taught us anything, it's that being a virgin can actually be detrimental to one's safety. Just ask Stiles (Dylan O'Brien). In his desperation to get laid, will he be open to some man-to-man action with his openly-gay buddy Danny (Keahu Kahuanui)?

Lucas Arantes by Didio

Lucas Arantes photographed by Didio.

Guys And Cams

Luca Dorigo

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