Photo Of The Day

Edward Wilding

Guys And Cams

Igor Kolomiyets and Ricardo Baldin

Alex Barber by Brian Jamie

Alex Barber photographed by Brian Jamie.

Toni Benecke by Mathias Stoiber

Toni Benecke photographed by Mathias Stoiber.

Photo Of The Day

Candid Street

Thumbs up to the heatwave!!!

Guys And Cams

Thor Bullow by Rick Day

Thor Bullow photographed by Rick Day.

Daniil Boyko by Manny Perez

Daniil Boyko photographed by Manny Perez.

Igor Kolomiyets by AJ Ford

Igor Kolomiyets photographed by AJ Ford for Coitus Online.

Photo Of The Day

Colton Haynes go under......

Guys With Phones

Guys And Cams

Carl Anthony by Jies Cleodore

Carl Anthony photographed by Jies Cleodore.

Guys with Phones

Guys And Cams

Juan Forgia by Arturo Ramirez

Juan Forgia photographed by Arturo Ramirez.

Nic Palladino by Emmanuel Sanchez

Nic Palladino photographed by Emmanuel Sanchez.

Watch - The Epic 8-Minute Ice Cream Ad With a Lesbian Love Story and Lily Allen

You might want to grab a snack and get comfortable, because Cornetto's newest ad is an eight-minute short film that is totally worth the watch. As with its other long-form ads, the ice cream brand takes a back seat to a bigger story. In this case, it's a love story....

Photo Of The Day

Steve R McQueen

Pedro Arnon by Johnny Lopera

Pedro Arnon photographed by Johnny Lopera

Edward Gerard by Joseph Bleu

Edward Gerard photographed by Joseph Bleu.

Lucas Loyola by Hudson Rennan

Lucas Loyola photographed by Hudson Rennan.

Chase Mattson by David Brad

Chase Mattson photographed by David Brad.

Photo Of The Day

Guys And Cams

Guys With Phones

Luan Polli by Xavier Samré

Luan Polli photographed by Xavier Samré.

Renzo Rometo by Joseph Lally

Renzo Rometo photographed by Joseph Lally for Lally Pop 421.

Stefano Rosettani by Blake D’Onofrio

Stefano Rosettani photographed by Blake D’Onofrio.

Lucas Garcez by Louis Daniel Botha

Lucas Garcez photographed by Louis Botha

Photo Of The Day

Anton Hysens goes for a shower.

Guys with Phones

Giovanni Bonamy by Nicolas Gerardin

Giovanni Bonamy photographed by Nicolas Gerardin for Lash Magazine.

Adam Gumula by Charles Quiles


Adam Gumula photographed by Charles Quiles. 

Matthew Coatsworth by Paul Reitz

Matthew Coatsworth photographed by Paul Reitz.

Photo Of The Day

Guys And Cams

Guys With Phones

Frank Ocean

Kotze Twins by Louis Botha

Charlie and Alex Kotze photographed by Louis Botha.

Jake Cassar by Jake Senfeld

Jake Cassar photographed by Jake Senfeld

Guys And Cams

Guys And Dogs

Veit Couturier by Greg Vaughan

Veit Couturier photographed by Greg Vaughan.

Colton Haynes Shows Off His Pecs

Arrow star Colton Haynes shares a photo of his spectacular pecs on Instagram while soaking up the Australian sun. The 25-year-old hunk has been down under for the past two weeks working on his new movie San Andreas.

Guys And Cams

This is how Tobi from The Magaluf Weekender looks like when he wakes up.... 

Photo Of The Day

Zachary Quinto is getting in shape for his new film Agent 47, and he was kind enough to share his progress on Instagram.