Daniel Bederov by Jake Senfeld

Daniel Bederov photographed by Jake Senfeld.

Frans Dam by Jeff Segenreich

Frans Dam photographed by Jeff Segenreich.

Jake Cassar, Angus Hood and Saxon Dunworth by Dan Hilburn

Jake Cassar, Angus Hood and Saxon Dunworth photographed by Dan Hilburn for 'Frat Boys', an editorial in the latest issue of Tangent magazine.

Gabriel Loureiro by Lucio Luna

Gabriel Loureiro photographed by Lucio Luna.

Photo Of The Day

Giovanni Bonamy by Marcus Cooper for Adon Magazine.

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Baptiste Giannesini by Samir Bahrir

Baptiste Giannesini photographed by Samir Bahrir for Lash Magazine.

Anderson Santos by Fagner Damasceno

Anderson Santos photographed by Fagner Damasceno.

Zack Hartwanger by Deon Jackson

Zack Hartwanger photographed by Deon Jackson.

Gui Fedrizzi by David Benoliel

Gui Fedrizzi photographed by David Benoliel.

Nate Levin by Leon Dash

Nate Levin photographed by Leon Dash.

Mark MacKillop by Mae Richards

Mark MacKillop photographed by Mae Richards.

Guys And Cams

Roman Dawidoff

Julian Jaring by Paul Reitz

Julian Jaring photographed by Paul Reitz.

Chris Delbeck by Erik Carter

Chris Delbeck photographed by Erik Carter.

Maciek Bogusz and Igor Sapała by Piotr Serafin

Maciek Bogusz and Igor Sapała photographed by Piotr Serafin for Coitus Online.

Matan Vaknin by Eitan Bernat

Israeli Matan Vaknin photographed by Eitan Bernat.

Micah Kelley by Deon Jackson

Micah Kelley photographed by Deon Jackson.

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Photo Of The Day

Jeremy Santucci in a white towel

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Watch - Warwick Rowers Bares All For A Good Cause

The Warwick Rowers have released a behind the scenes video making of their 2014 calendar. And it is hot hot hot. Those buns are so well shaped!!!

The rowing club's 2014 calendar is an effort to battle homophobia and bullying of LGBT students in schools. Check out their website here.

Watch - How Two Guys REALLY Have Sex

Has a family member or friend put you on the spot about what exactly you do in bed? Well, Davey Wavey invited a few vloggers to explain how gay men actually get it on.....

Chris Delbeck by Deon Jackson

Chris Delbeck photographed by Deon Jackson.

Lui Faria by Eber Figueira

Lui Faria photographed by Eber Figueira.

Braeden Wright by Scott Hoover

Braeden Wright photographed by Scott Hoover.

Kelton White by Andy Hurvitz

Kelton White photographed by Andy Hurvitz.

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Photo Of The Day

Justin Joslin

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Don Hood by Skye Tan

Don Hood photographed by Skye Tan.

Caio Medeiros by Nino Yap

Caio Medeiros photographed by Nino Yap.

Shayne Cureton by Greg Vaughan

Shayne Cureton photographed by Greg Vaughan.

Jack Vacher by Neil O’Keeffe

Jack Vacher photographed by Neil O’Keeffe.

Charlie Winzar by Darren Black

Charlie Winzar photographed by Darren Black.

Photo Of The Day

Adrian Grygianiec

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X Factor UK finalist Lloyd Daniels

Trevor Van Uden by Bell Soto

Trevor Van Uden photographed by Bell Soto.

Stephen James by Antonis Delta

Stephen James photographed by Antonis Delta for Risbel magazine.

Watch - Björn Borg Shows You What Happens In Their Fitting Room

What happens when Björn Borg installs cameras in two of their fitting rooms in Stockholm and Amsterdam? People just go all types of crazy. Check out their 'Peep On You' campaign here and watch a little video from Björn Borg celebrating voyeurism.

Watch - Tom Daley Comes Out

British Olympic diver Tom Daley has revealed he is in a relationship with a man.

The 19-year-old revealed he has been dating a man since the spring in a video posted on YouTube.

The London 2012 bronze medallist said he has dated girls in the past but "never had a serious relationship to talk about" before adding "until spring of this year, my life changed massively when I met someone, and they make me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great."

"That someone is a guy."

Leu Kiister by Ranner Vidal

Leu Kiister photographed by Ranner Vidal.

Clancy Sigalet by Gerard Yunker

Clancy Sigalet photographed by Gerard Yunker.

Raphael Zanffolim by Vand Rodriguez

Raphael Zanffolim photographed by Vand Rodriguez. 

Andreas Lindquist by Daniel Graindorge

Andreas Lindquist photographed by Daniel Graindorge.

Erick Osorio by Gabriel Henrique

Erick Osorio photographed by Gabriel Henrique.

Billy Lundin by Kevin Pineda

Billy Lundin photographed by Kevin Pineda.

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