Brandon Franke by Jon Malinowski

Brandon Franke photographed by Jon Malinowski.

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Photo Of The Day

Nick Jonas wants you to know that he has been working hard at the gym......

Marcus Schenkenberg by Greg Vaughan

Marcus Schenkenberg photographed by Greg Vaughan.

Chad Reeh by Jared Bautista

Chad Reeh photographed by Jared Bautista.

Allen Lovell by Felix Mercedes

Allen Lovell photographed by Felix Mercedes for DBQ magazine.

Alex Prange by Christian Rios

Alex Prange photographed by Christian Rios.

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Tyler Maher by Daniel Jaems

Tyler Maher photographed by Daniel Jaems.

Stefan Krunic by Andriy Mishchenko

Stefan Krunic photographed by Andriy Mishchenko for the July issue of David magazine.

Jacob Kulesza by Rainer Torrado

Jacob Kulesza photographed by Rainer Torrado.

Amadeo Leandro by Yukie Sarto

Amadeo Leandro photographed by Yukie Sarto.

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Photo Of The Day

Tom Daley at the World Championships final in Barcelona.

Steven Beckett by Ian Cole

Steven Beckett photographed by Ian Cole for Yearbook Fanzine.

Michael Oates by Malc Stone

Michael Oates photographed by Malc Stone.

Allen Lovell by James Demitri

Allen Lovell photographed by James Demitri.

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GIF of The Day

Dylan O’Brien plays with Tyler Posey’s nipples.

Candid Street

More Chris Salvatore by Gabriel Gastelum

More Chris Salvatore by photographer Gabriel Gastelum. 

Chris Salvatore by Gabriel Gastelum

Eating Out actor Chris Salvatore gets soaking wet for photographer Gabriel Gastelum.

Arthur Almeida by Rodrigo Niemeyer

Arthur Almeida photographed by Rodrigo Niemeyer.

Zander Hodgson by Ian Cole

Zander Hodgson photographed by Ian Cole

Spencer Burhoe by Paul Reitz

Spencer Burhoe photographed by Paul Reitz.

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Photo Of The Day

Guys And Dogs

Danny Schwarz and his dog

Karl Drexel by Calvin Brockington

Karl Drexel photographed by Calvin Brockington.

Jonathan Hubert by Ina Seyer

Jonathan Hubert photographed by Ina Seyer.

Marlon Teixeira for Coca Cola

Coca-Cola taps Brazilian hunk Marlon Teixeira for their latest clothing campaign.

Frederick Collier by Jonny Shultz

Frederick Collier photographed by Jonny Shultz.

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Photo Of The Day

David Filipiak By Scott Hoover

David Filipiak photographed by Scott Hoover

Adam Dawda by Roberutsu

Adam Dawda photographed by Roberutsu.

First Look - Erasmo Viana by Michael Willian

Erasmo Viana photographed by Michael Willian for Glad magazine.

Leo Bruno by Ricardo Hegenbart

Leo Bruno photographed by Ricardo Hegenbart.

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