Documentary About The Last Days Of Spartacus Star Andy Whitfield

Welsh actor Andy Whitfield became an overnight sensation after landing a starring role in the American TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. He caught my eye because he was hot. Smoking hot. But unfortunately his career was cut short when he lost his battle with cancer. Whitfield, who died on September 11 last year, was fighting non-Hodkin’s lymphoma.

Now the actor is set to make his final, poignant screen appearance in an intimate documentary following his last days. After watching footage from the documentary, Be Here Now, and seeing what Whitfield had to go through during his devastating final months, I have really come to appreciate this father of two as a human being. It is so difficult to watch the actor breakdown after being told of his cancer. His desire to live is so admirable. My eyes got all misty at the end. Watch the Be Here Now footage below. 

Text from YouTube - "Be Here Now" is an inspiring feature documentary and love story, about the overnight sensation, actor and international sex symbol Andy Whitfield, who put the same determination and dedication that he brought to his lead role in the hit television show, "Spartacus: Blood and Sand," into fighting life threatening cancer. This is Andy's story, but it also about having the courage to make your dreams come true, tackling your fears and living in the present, despite the potential outcome. This film is for anyone who has ever faced a challenge in their lives.

The makers of the documentary have appealed to Whitfield’s legions of fans to make donations to help them finish the project. Check out their kickstart page