Imaginary Couples - Olympic Swimming Champions Against Homophobia

Photographer Olivier Ciappa tapped a pair of French Olympic swimmers for his campaign against homophobia in France.

Olivier asked Frédérick Bousquet, the world record holder for freestyle swimming and Florent Manadou, who won the gold medal for 50m freestyle in the London 2012 Olympics, to be the star of his 'imaginary couples' campaign. His picture captures the two men in an intimate moment.

When asked how he pitch his idea to the two swimmers, Ciappa said ‘You’re with the person you love. Not a man, not a woman. Frédérick is currently dating Florent's sister Laure.

Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria and Belgian-Italian singer Lara Fabian was also tapped for the campaign.

To find out more about the campaign or to see more photos from the campaign, check out Olivier's facebook page.