Christians Protest Comic Con AGAIN

Bible thumpers got out preached by a few geeky attendees at this years Comic Con. The religious protesters carried signs that said, “Fear god” and “Jesus saves from Hell.” In protest of the protesters, a few geeks decided to have a little fun with signs of their own. Good on them!!! More photos after the jump.

Geek Talk - Galactus is a demi-god in the Marvel Universe who has become a popular villain for many of the superheroes like Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four. This sign is a parody of the frequent doomsday signs carried by fundamentalist religious believers.

“Team Rocket agenda: Phase 1 – Steal all the Pokemon. Phase 2 - ? Phase 3 – Profit.” Team Rocket is obviously the villainous dual from the Pokeman cartoon/game and the sign actually pays homage to a South Park episode featuring underpants gnomes.

Geek Talk - “Kneel before Zod.” This is a popular quote from the 1980 film, Superman II. General Zod is a Kyrptonian criminal and the sign parodies the frequent religious sign proclaiming Jesus as lord.

Source - The Examiner.