Chris Colfer for Mr. Porter

Glee's Chris Colfer gets his suave on for Mr. Porter. Colfer is photographed by Blair Getz Mezibov.

From Mr Porter.

On landing the part of Kurt Hummel
I was auditioning for the part of Artie, the kid in the wheelchair. And I didn’t get it. Obviously. So that was it. “So they invented a character for me. They created Kurt specifically.  There are two experiences in my life that I just cannot wrap my head around. That’s one. And the Golden Globes was the other. I just cannot believe they happened.”

On expecting more drama with his gay character
It was incredible. I think what started it was the episode when Kurt came out to his dad [Mike O'Malley] and his dad accepted him. And I remember when I first saw that script I was mad. I wanted to play all the emotions of being kicked out of the house, all the tears and the drama. So I was like, ‘Damn it, come on! I’m never going to get an Emmy now!’

On his hometown of Clovis, California
It’s kind of a cowboy, rodeo town,” Colfer explained. “Every year, my mum and dad would dress me up in buttoned-up cowboy shirts and jeans and hats, and I just had to sit there and sweat while someone wrestled a cow. It was hell! Do you know what mutton-busting is? “It sounds perverted, but what they did was, at the half-time show, people would get their five-year-old children, strap them to the back of a sheep and send them on their way.  Whoever could stay on the longest won a pair of cowboy boots. My parents tried to force me, but I stood my ground. Then my parents’ friends tried to bribe me by saying they’d buy me the sheep. They thought I wanted a sheep!”

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