Watch - Come Meet The Merman

Eric Ducharme loves to swim, except when he dives into the water, he slips into one of his handmade fin.

“I do eat, breathe and sleep mermaids,” said the 22-year-old Floridian. “It’s my lifestyle. It’s the path in life that I have chosen.”

Eric is the latest subject of TLC's My Crazy Obsession. Here is a trailer for the episode.

Watch the self-proclaim Merman swim around in his handmade fin. Gosh how fun is this.....

And this is his rather hot boyfriend, Matthew Quijano. He is pretty cool with the whole merman thing.....

Eric runs his own business called Mertailor that manufactures custom-made tails from silicone, urethanes, and latex rubbers like the ones he wears. Check out his facebook page here.