25 Jul 2014

Jordan Ver Hoeve by Joseph Lally

Jordan Ver Hoeve photographed by Joseph Lally.

Bentley Hudson by Skye Tan

Bentley Hudson photographed by Skye Tan.

David Rodriguez by Thomas Synnamon

David Rodriguez photographed by Thomas Synnamon.

Jonathan Santos by Deon Jackson

Jonathan Santos photographed by Deon Jackson.

24 Jul 2014

Justin Hopwood by Greg Vaughan

Justin Hopwood photographed by Greg Vaughan.

Rafael Nadal Takes A Dip In The Ocean

Tennis ace Rafael Nadal was spotted taking a dip in the ocean in Ibiza, Spain.

Oliver Cheshire Goes Shirtless At The Beach

Oliver Cheshire was spotted soaking up the sun at Marbella beach, Spain.

Watch - Guy Watches Gay Porn With Unplugged Headphones In Library

This guy's headphones weren't quite plugged in when he decided to indulge in some gay porn at the library. It's freaking hilarious. Check it out after the jump.