Photo Of The Day

Eric Ambrose

Wiktor Sudol by Lulu Delafalaise

Wiktor Sudol photographed by Lulu Delafalaise for Client magazine.

Agustin Bruno by Brian Jamie

Agustin Bruno photographed by Brain Jamie.

Josh Barfuss by Dookie Ducay

Josh Barfuss photographed by Dookie Ducay.

Simon Loof by Damon Baker

Simon Loof photographed by Damon Baker for VMan magazine.

Charles Melton by Justin Sullivan

Riverdale actor Charles Melton photographed by Justin Sullivan.

Chris Hemsworth for GQ

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth photographed by Alasdair McLellan for men’s fashion bible, GQ.

Liam Ferrari by Sean Higgins

Australian singer/dancer Liam Ferrari photographed by Sean Higgins.

Chase Mattson by Brian Jamie

Chase Mattson photographed by Brian Jamie.

Christine Davies by Matt Brown

Christine Davies photographed by Matt Brown.

Bryce Alakai by Brian Jamie

Bryce Alakai photographed by Brian Jamie.