Dima Gornovskyi by Sonny Tong

Dima Gornovskyi photographed by Sonny Tong.

Guys With Phones

Chris Mears

Patrick Frost by Menelik Puryear

Patrick Frost photographed by Menelik Puryear.

Guys And Dogs

Guys With Phones

Vince Sant

Miguel Montaño by Barry King

Miguel Montaño photographed by Barry King.

Caio Brum by Marcio Farias

Caio Brum photographed by Marcio Farias.

Photo Of The Day

Tough call!!!

An Afternoon in Budapest with Mark Segal

Spend an afternoon in Budapest with Vogue Hommes photographer Mark Segal, five male models and a black and white filter.

Luciano Neumann by Éber Figueira

Luciano Neumann photographed by Éber Figueira.

Photo Of The Day

World's hottest teacher Pietro Boselli in his undies for Charlie by Matthew Zink.

Santiago Zapata by David Suarez

Colombian model Santiago Zapata by David Suarez in 'Wet Dreams'

Photo Of The Day