What Homosexuality Is Not

A short 2 minute+ film on what homosexuality is not!  Check it out.....

The video in writing....


As we move forward toward full equality, a large part of that progression can be attributed to more & more people understanding what it is.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult for others to underSTAND what homosexuality is.

There are a lot of misconceptions. A lot of misbeliefs. A lot of MISS in general.

So in the meantime - until they are able to comprehend - we are here to tell them what homosexuality is NOT.

Homosexuality is not something for you to believe in.
It is not Santa Claus.
It is not a religion.
It is not a ghost.

Homosexuality is not a preference.
It is not food.
It is not a beverage.
It is not something for you to select.
(VO: Please select from the following...)

Homosexuality is not something you can become.
It is not a feeling.
It is not a profession.
It is not wealth.

Homosexuality is not a scapegoat.
It is not adultery.
It is not bestiality.
It is not pedophilia.

Homosexuality is not an influence.
It is not a style.
It is not a fad.
It is not a trend.

Homosexuality is not a phase.
It is not temporary.
It is not for the time being.
It will not pass.

Homosexuality is not for you to fear.
It is not a spider.
It is not a germ.
It cannot attack you.

Homosexuality is not an accessory.
It can't take you shopping.
It can't pick out your outfit.
It can't fix your kitchen sink.

Homosexuality is not a club.
You cannot join.
You cannot quit.
You cannot be recruited.

Homosexuality is not a disease.
You cannot catch it.
It cannot be tested.
It isn't something that you can cure.
(So stop trying to.)

Homosexuality is not immoral.
It is not a sin.
It is not sodomy.
It cannot be prayed away.
(Our father...)

Homosexuality is not a choice.
It is not an alternative.
It is not an option.
You do not get to pick.

Now that you know what homosexuality is not. Let us tell you what homosexuality is.

Homosexuality is the attraction to members of the same sex. And that about sums it up. It's SO simple. So why do we make it into something so complex in this country? In this world?

When it comes to homosexuality, I am so SICK & TIRED of hearing people say that they're traditional or they're conservative or they're religious or they do not believe... When they're really just homophobic.

Well guess what. Whether or not you're traditional, conservative, or religious. Whether or not you believe in homosexuality... IT EXISTS. WE EXIST. And we have been oppressed for far too long.

America, it's time...