Gary Barlow For GQ Style

Take That lynchpin and X Factor judge Gary Barlow photographed by Daniel Riera for GQ Style.

In his interview in GQ Style, Gary admitted that he doesn't think of himself as 'cool' after witnessing what 'cool' actually is after his years in the industry.
"I think it's because I've got quite a cynical view of the industry. I know how the cool bands spend more time in the dressing room than we do." 

"I know how it works. So when I see someone spouting off, I just think k***head."

The Take That heartthrob also revealed he was uncomfortable about putting himself in the public eye as a talent show judge rather than a performer.

"All of sudden you're not a singer. You're just you, talking, on telly… some weeks people love you and some weeks they hate you." he told GQ Style

"My view is that actually this is my hobby job. My real job is I'm in Take That and if ITV or whoever decide that I'm not good enough then I'll go back to my normal job."