Watch - X Factor Ella Henderson's Sensational Performance That Leaves Nicole Scherzinger In Tears

16-year-old X Factor contestant Ella Henderson wowed the crowd and left judge, former Pussycat Doll singer Nicole Scherzinger in tears after belting out her heart-rending version of Cher's Believe.

Gary Barlow told Ella afterwards: "I've got to say, if I was to have a top five of the most annoying songs of all time that would come fairly close to the top for me.

"But today I would pay lots of money to hear that version again. That was amazing."

And Cher herself tweeted: "work Done ...Went on Utube 2 c young girl sing Believe! Tears came 2 my eyes! So Touching! a Great version of a Great Song.WE Can Share It!

Watch Ella belt out Cher's track Believe after the jump.