Max Thieriot For Just Jared

23-year-old House at the End of the Street actor Max Thieriot strikes a pose for Just Jared. Max is photographed by Mike Rosenthal.

Interview from Just Jared.
Can you tell us about your upcoming project Bates Motel?
Yeah, Bates Motel is a new TV show for A&E with Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore. It’s pretty cool because it’s a prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. It should be full of madness and crazy stuff! It’s all next level stuff I think. 
That sounds amazingly terrifying! Can you tell us about your character on the show?
I play Dylan Bates who is the oldest son and the older brother to Norman (Highmore).
What drew you to the script?
I’m a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan and so I was a fan before I even read the script. Then I read the material and it was awesome. The team behind it all is fantastic and very talented. The whole thing just sparked my interest! 
Are you excited about being part of a scary series?
Yeah! We haven’t started shooting yet, but my other horror project House at the End of the Street comes out today! I’ve just happened to be doing stuff in this genre recently (laughs).
What’s the best part about working on the set of a horror movie or TV show?
It’s fun because you get to play all sorts of different people with different personalities and crazy characteristics. You know, it’s something different and fun to do! You get to experience a little bit of everything – some real human emotions. 
Do you remember what the first scary movie you ever saw was?
The first scary movie I saw was maybe The Exorcist, which is terrifying when you’re a young age. It’s one of those films that definitely resonates after you watch it.
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