The Beauty Inside - Shapeshifter in Love

Alex is in his mid twenties. He lives in Los Angeles. He restores antiques. And he's a pretty normal guy. Except for one thing: Everyday he wakes up looking like someone else. And it's been happening for as long as he can remember. Everything was fine until one day against his better judgment, he falls in love. It's an intriguing premise - not quite right for Hollywood, perhaps, where movies need one or two unchanging stars, but perfect for social media, where involving as many people as possible is the whole point.

Intel and Toshiba are doing just that with The Beauty Inside, an episodic social film starring Topher Grace, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and dozens of ordinary fans who auditioned via webcam to help portray the main character, Alex.

The Beauty Inside is four episodes in as of this posting, and releases a new episode every Thursday. Watch The Beauty Inside after the jump.

Episode 1 - Hello my name is Alex

Episode 2 - Leah

Episode 3 - It has to be tonight

Episode 4 - Help wanted

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