Colton Haynes Does Black Friday

Ex-Teen Wolfer Colton Haynes recently liveblog his black friday experience. Check out what he will do for a cheap firepit after the jump. 

“Devising a plan/route, and Assembling the Army…Calm before the storm. #coltonsblackfriday”

“Once again…the 700 count sheet set at Walmart is the steal of the season. $19.99 …and shit is about to go down”

“We tried to cut in line for the Fire Pit deal…Don’t EVER try to cut in line for the fire pit deal…or any other deal. I might have a black eye soon…fingers crossed”

“Went to lie down and cousin Amanda wouldn’t allow it. I’m fadin fast y’all. Still no $20 fire pit #coltonsblackfriday”

“Found a spot to rest before our nxt stop. #coltonsblackfriday pls let it be over already”

“That’s a wrap! I found the $22 FIRE PIT!!! Thx for putting up wit my nonsense for this yrs #coltonsblackfriday ! Seeya nxt time”