David Henrie for Glamoholic

'Wizards of Waverly Place' hunk David Henrie photographed by Emily Soto for Glamoholic magazine.

David talks about moving on after 'Wizards of Waverly Place' ended and how it made no sense for him to go back and do a movie about it after almost 2 years.
“I did not participate in the TV movie for several reasons. One of the reasons was that there were conflicting dates with a film I was doing called 1000 to 1. Wizards did so much for me and I am so grateful for the fan base it built up. My dream has always been to entertain audiences acting in feature films, so I hope that my fan base will cross over with me as I move into the next stage of my career in feature films. When the show ended, I did what you’re supposed to do when something ends — I moved on to a new, fresh, challenging roles,” he shared.
David continued, “When I head the idea of Wizards movie taking place after being wrapped for over a year and a half, I came to the conclusion that jumping back into the Wizards world didn’t feel like a fresh and challenging role that would progress my career.”