Michael Trevino, Taylor Kinney And Harry Shum Jr. For Bullett

The Vampire Diaries hunk Michael Trevino, Chicago Fire's Taylor Kinney and Glee's Harry Shum Jr. for Bullett Magazine‘s 'Meet Primetime TV’s Newest Heartbreakers' feature.

Here is what Michael had to share with Bullett.
On horrible dates
I haven’t had any really, really bad dates, but there have been times that I’ll go on a date and the chemistry just isn’t there. I feel like some guys just kind of give up, but what you have to do is just totally flip it. Just be open and honest with her and say, “Hey, this isn’t really working out on a romantic level.” If you can both just come to an agreement on that, then you can flip the whole date around and be like “Alright, well we’re just hanging out! Let’s just be friends then. It’s all good.” If you try to push something and it’s not there, then it just becomes awkward. 
On blondes or brunettes
[Laughs] I’m going to say brunettes. I’ve always had a thing for brunettes. And I like bangs. If you’re a brunette and you have bangs, that’s a big turn-on for me. I like blondes too, but brunettes sort of do it for me.
On his first love
I have a very strong affection towards Asian women—I get it from my father. We have this crazy infatuation with Asian women. My first crush was when I was in third grade. Her name was Melody Chow and she was this Korean girl. I just thought she was beautiful. I had this huge, huge crush on her and nobody else did in the class, which was just kind of odd to me. She wasn’t my first love, but my first strong crush, for sure. Melody Chow.

Here is what Taylor had to share with Bullett.
On training with firefighters for his show Chicago Fire
Yeah, it was great. We went there a few months ago to film the pilot in March and we shadowed firemen within the city. We went to three or four different firehouses. The local community and firefighters were giving us a hand and showing us the ropes of the city and the districts, where they worked, and the differences between the rescue squad, the truck guys, engine guys, and paramedics. I really saw the camaraderie between these people. It’s in their blood to be able to go and do these things on a daily basis, to put themselves in harm’s way, and then to let go when they leave work. They’re a special breed of people.
On what he spray-painted for a girl once
'I love you.' It was one of those things, like, a guy fighting for a girl’s affection and attention. It was a desperate attempt. I think the billboard was on Fairfax and Melrose. I had an accomplice; we dressed in black and had a few beers—it was maybe 4am—and we used our cell phones on speaker as walkie-talkies. He hoisted me on his shoulders to a ladder. It was a big bank billboard, so it was in all white.
On how to get over a bad break-up
Sometimes I go surfing. Everybody has a breakup story. It’s all relative to the individual how they take it and how it affects them. I think the biggest thing is what you take from it and what you learn from a breakup and how it can help you approach your next relationship. It’s also important to acknowledge if something wasn’t right and to not go back. I think a lot of people do that, too—go back.

Here is what Harry had to share with Bullett.
On how to make a relationship last
Keeping your opinion is good, but playing devil’s advocate makes you think about what the other person is feeling and why. I think it’s all about balance and keeping everything 50/50. There’s nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree, too—it’s healthy. A little drama can be fun. Sometimes when you’re arguing, you get an adrenaline rush, which can be a turn-on.

On being a cook
I’m actually pretty decent at cooking, but I’m not an expert. I get starstruck when I see celebrity chefs. I remember being on tour with [fellow Glee cast member] Darren Criss and we were eating at the London hotel when Gordon Ramsay comes up to us and was like, “Hey, my kids and I love your show. Thanks for coming to the restaurant.” We were just dead silent—we were speechless! Now I understand why people get excited when they meet someone they look up to. I just love that whole field.
On his dog
His name is Charlie. Lea Michele found him on the Glee set when we were in Long Beach; he just came up to the set all dirty and with no collar. He had a cast on because there was a nail in his paw. I walked onto the set the next day asking whose dog it was and nobody claimed him, so I took him. He’s such a good dog. I carry him like a baby. He’s my dudebro.