Sean O'Pry for August Man

The world's most successful male model Sean O’Pry photographed by Renie Saliba for August Man‘s January 2013 issue.

Here’s what the Sean had to share with August Man.
On pursuing a career in acting
It’s on my head and I would definitely like to pursue it but I am waiting for when I have a little bit of time because I am so focused on modeling now. I am slowly but surely getting my head around the idea of acting but right now, I have a really good thing going and I don’t want to put all my eggs in the acting basket when this job has been so fruitful to me. 
On what he would be doing if he wasn’t modeling
Hell if I know. I have answered that a hundred times in a hundred different ways. Truthfully I don’t know but it definitely wouldn’t be as good as what I am doing now. I got really, really lucky. 
On making it to the top of the Forbes list:
Its a blessing, its really cool. I think anyone would feel the same way.