Openly Gay Professional Footballer?

Two top-level Russian football players are 'accused' of being gay after their 'intimate' holiday snaps appeared on a popular sports blog.

From Gay Star News.
Pavel Mamayev, 24, a midfielder for CSKA Moscow, and Alexander Kokorin, 21, a striker from FC Dynamo Moscow, are believed to be in a relationship after ‘intimate’ photographs of them were posted on the internet. 
On VK, an Eastern-European social network similar to Facebook, Kokorin posted one of the pictures, saying ‘I love him’. 
Other snaps include the two hugging, sharing dinner, going to a basketball game, and having a bath together. 
As soon as the holiday snaps were uploaded on a popular sports blog, it caused a furore of discussion on internet forums. 
Opinions were split with one VK user saying the players should immediately be dropped from the teams. 
Another said: ‘They play well so just leave them alone. Their private lives should remain private.’ 
Neither of the players has commented on the holiday pictures, with only Kokorin continuing to upload photographs from their visit to the USA on Twitter.
Unfortunately homophobia is widespread in Russian public opinion and attitudes towards LGBT people have progressive gotten worse.

The Duma, Russia's parliament, is already considering a nationwide ban on "homosexual propaganda" and nine regions including St Petersburg have already passed legislation prohibiting the promotion of "homosexual propaganda" among minors.

Let's hope if they are gay, they are not hung out to dry....