Austin Butler for Glow

The Carries Diaries actor Austin Butler and his luscious lips covers the newest issue of Glow. Doesn't he look a shade like Glee's Chord Overstreet?

Here is what the 21-year-old actor had to share with Glow.
On his character Sebastian
Sebastian is a guy who comes from a wealthy yet neglectful family; which leads to him sometimes having a problem opening up to people. He becomes interested in Carrie and they spark up and on-again off-again relationship. 
On Sebastian’s fashion style
I wouldn’t call him a slave to fashion, he sort of dresses in an effortless style. He’s a leather jacket and jeans kinda guy. In real life I keep it casual in white T shirt and jeans a lot of the time, but I love any occasion where I get to wear a suit. 
On his opinion on the paparazzi
I’m so blessed to be in the position that I’m in, so I never want to complain, but the paparazzi constantly cross the line and are not only annoying, but disrespectful and dangerous.

Check out Austin's impeccable pecs belows.