Quotable - Daniel Radcliffe On Why Americans Think Englishmen Are Gay

Daniel Radcliffe explains to Out magazine why not all English men are gay.
I had an interesting conversation with someone recently, because there was a wonderful moment on the opening night of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying when one of the male chorus of the show tried to set up my bisexual dresser, who’s a woman—and who had been with a woman for a long time at that point—with my gay English singing teacher, which was never going to work. 
I said, "Did you not know Mark was gay?" And he said, “To be honest, all English people I meet seem gay, so I just assume none of you are.” 
I was talking to someone about this and I said, "Why is it that when people meet English men in America they automatically think they’re gay?" and one of the girls explained to me it was because American men feel the need to in some way assert a sense of masculinity in everything they do, and British men don’t feel the same compulsion to do that all the time.  
I think my attitude towards homosexuality is actually the prevalent one in my generation—it’s just unfortunate that in the world of the Internet sometimes the angriest voices are the ones we hear the loudest. But I can’t remember the last time I met somebody of my age who was bigoted. Obviously it exists, but I do think attitudes are changing.
He is wise beyond his years.....