Daniel Radcliffe Leaves Harry Potter Behind With Gay Love Triangle And Drugs

Daniel Radcliffe seems to be determined to distant himself further from his Harry Potter image with his portrayal of the gay New York poet Allen Ginsberg in John Krokidas's feature film debut Kill Your Darlings, which had its world premiere at Sundance Friday.

The film is set to shock some viewers with its explicit content with Radcliffe baring all for a number of sex scenes.

Krokidas's story is based on a true event. It follows Ginsberg as he matriculates at Columbia and falls in love with Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan), a fellow student who was already romantically involved with an older man named David Kammerer (played by a redheaded and bearded Michael C. Hall).

Though sometimes referenced in Beat literature, the story of the love triangle, which ends in murder, has never been told in detail until now. The film follows Ginsberg and Carr's relationship, the killing that defined it, and their friendship with Jack Keroauc (Jack Huston) and William Burroughs (Ben Foster).

Radcliffe whose performance was described by the Independent as ‘simply terrific’, admitted afterwards that the film had appealed to his offbeat tastes.

‘Films like this don’t get made unless everybody involved loves them,’ he pointed out, adding that he had also found the character a source of fascination.

E! Online spoke to the actor after seeing the film and asked him about what it was like to shoot gay sex scenes.

“It was something new,” Radcliffe revealed.

“But you know what,” he continued, “We shot that whole scene in maybe an hour and a half so it was incredibly fast-paced. I didn’t really have time to stop to think and worry about it. John was very helpful in furnishing me with a lot of graphic detail of what I would be experiencing at the various stages.”

Watch the cast and director John Krokidas discuss Kill Your Darling with The Hollywood Reporter below.

Watch the cast and director John Krokidas discuss Kill Your Darling with Entertainment Weekly below.