Watch - Activist Shawn Talks Aftermath Of Coming Out On Live Web Stream

Bangladesh-Canadian Shawn Ahmed, the man behind Uncultured Project, came out in a series of videos over the holidays. Brought up in Toronto, Shawn spends a majority of his time now in Bangladesh. His coming out was not planned as he is trying to prevent his abusive ex-boyfriend from outing him and since he is in Bangladesh, his coming out could have implications on his safety.

Watch his heart-string tugging videos after the jump.

Below Shawn shares the aftermath of him coming out in a streaming video. Since he refused to 'pray the gay away', his parents have ceased all contact. Above is the only message he received from his family.

Shawn's first video where he talks about his religious parents’ reaction to his disclosure and their promise to help him 'pray the gay away'. He also revealed that one of the reasons why he is coming out is to prevent his abusive ex-boyfriend from outing him. 

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