Chris Pine for C California Style

Star Trek Into Darkness actor Chris Pine rocks a suit and tie on the cover of C California Style magazine.

Here is what the 32-year-old had to share with C California Style.
On fame and attention
I’m very clear about my relationship to ‘it’ and I don’t like ‘it.’ I find ‘it’ very invasive, though I’m trying to welcome ‘it’ more in an effort to be more zen and not-angsty. But on the totem pole of people giving a sh-t about me, I’m pretty much in the middle, which is great. 
On feeling lucky to be in his shoes
I’m a hard worker. I’m organized. I have a modicum of this and that. But why me versus anybody else? I don’t quite understand how I got here. But I’m excited about where I am. 
On if he continued with the roles he had early in his career
I think I probably would have been grateful to be working, but, like anyone, I would have hit a wall and probably preferred doing dinner theater somewhere or gone back to school. But no, I would not have been happy.

Chris is photographed by Sam Jones.