David Witts For Attitude

EastEnders’ sexiest male David Witts covers the latest issue of Attitude magazine.

Here is what the 22-year-old actor had to share with Attitude.
On the speculation that his EastEnder character Joey Branning will turn out gay
I think it's very unlikely that he will end up gay. But if he did, that would be fine. I'm not opposed to it. I've played gay before.  
On people thinking he is gay 
You type “David Witts” into Google and the suggested third word is gay. I'm like, 'No! He's not gay!' But because he's nice, and he's not like his character, he must be gay. No! Broaden your mind a touch.
On gay marriage fight in the UK
It’s exactly the same as straight marriage, isn’t it? It’s not gay marriage or straight marriage. Just marriage. 
On life after EastEnders
I'm very ambitious. Part of the point of this career is to play as many different parts as possible. I want to be James Bond. Or Doctor Who; I wouldn't be the assistant. It has got to be Doctor Who.

David is photographed by Joseph Sinclair.