Max and Charlie Carver for Bello

Twin Teen Wolf baddies Max and Charlie Carver covers the latest issue of California fashion magazine Bello.

Here’s what the twins had to share with Bello.
Charlie on working on Teen Wolf
It’s the first time where I get to work with people my own age. It’s kind of like going to summer camp every day on set. We’re hanging out with people who we really like, and then when we’re shooting, and we’re playing the bad guys, it’s a complete switch. It becomes a lot more fun because all of the sudden you’re acting with people whom you know very well. It’s a complete genre jump for us. Getting to run around in the woods with claws and no clothes, and fangs. It’s fun. 
Max on the appeal of the show
I think the other thing about Teen Wolf that separates it from the other supernatural stuff going on, is that our show embraces action a he** of a lot more than anything else on television. And I think aesthetically it’s shot so cinematically. They’re not looking for typical camera placements or typical lighting. It’s not like the werewolf transformation’s a big deal anymore. It happens ten times a show. So it’s really about being a wolf. 
Charlie on the makeup transformation
We don’t get the makeup, but we got the fangs, and the claws and the contacts which I was afraid of, because that’s what everybody said is the most uncomfortable. 
Max on the makeup
Personally, I’d love to have that makeup done on me. But I’d love even more to see it on the girls. I’d love to see Crystal [Reed] and Holland [Roden] go through that process. They already take forever, and they’re very particular. Super easy to work with. Don’t get me wrong, but I’d love to see them go through that process and freak out about having sideburns.

The boys are photographed by Aleksandar Tomovic.