New Cure for Homosexuality

A listing on Craiglist Los Angeles.

"I am selling my son't macbook pro 15 inch. He found out that there is going to be a new macbook so I will be buying that for him. I bought it last summer so it isn't even a year old yet. It is on pretty decent shape. I am pretty firm on the price.

"Just a footnote. I don't want to get a ton of messages from you guys saying that I am spoiling my son and turning him into an entitled monster. There is a backstory that you aren't even aware of. My son was committing homosexual acts and got caught in the act. We made a deal that if he chose to be straight, that we would buy him more nice things. So don't message me saying that I am a bad parent for spoiling him. It's quite the opposite, I am a good parent adn I'm working with him to correct his problem."

The kid is a entrepreneurial genius.......

Update - It has been revealed that this Craigslist ad was a hoax. Jamie McGonnigal of Talk About Equality did some major investigation and got to the source of the post. Click here to go to Talk About Equality.