New Spornos from Bruce Weber

Abercrombie & Fitch has long been known for its use of homoerotic imagery in its ad campaigns and editorial spreads. In a new steamy clip (Other sports require one ball. Wrestling requires two), the clothing brand goes one step further by featuring hunky male models wrestling, showering and even kissing.

Famed photographer Bruce Weber is a guy who knows exactly what we like and he's given it to us in spades with four new webersodes which takes sporno to a whole new level!!!

                                        Other sports require one ball. Wrestling requires two.

There are four short videos in the series - Click below to view. 

(1) Basketball Is what boys do during men's wrestling season
(2) Everything else in life seems easy after wrestling
(3) Live sleep and eat wrestling
(4) Other sports require one ball. Wrestling requires two

Haha some of the wrestling looks more like intentional groping :) But hey I am not complaining. Below are some screen shots to whet your appetite. Eye candy galore boys!!!. Enjoy!!!