Two Weddings And a Funeral

Gay Korean filmmaker Peter Kim is releasing a new gay movie today in South Korea. Two Weddings and A Funeral is a romantic comedy of Min Soo (Kim Dong Yoon), who wishes to free himself of his parents' interference and neighbors' looks, and Hyo Jin (Ryu Hyun Kyung), a lesbian who wishes to adopt a baby with her lover. Min Soo and Hyo Jin then hatches a plan to marry with hilarious consequences. Two Weddings and a Funeral has a similar sort of a plot to an earlier Ang Lee film The Wedding Banquet.

Straight actor Kim Dong Yong stars in Two Weddings and a Funeral as the gay doctor. He said in an interview that he got the part after well-known actors had turned it down. ‘This isn't an opportunity to come to anyone, so it's an honor to have taken the role,’ he said. The actor said he wasn’t worried about receiving stigma from Korean society for playing a gay role. ‘Already, if you type my name in search engines, the word 'gay' comes up,’ he said. ‘If people think gay when they hear my name, doesn't that mean I acted very well?’ Watch the trailer below.