20 Hilarious Twitter Reactions To Anderson Cooper Coming Out

The internet is absolutely buzzing since CNN journalist Anderson Cooper publicly confirmed that he is gay. Below, are the 20 most hilarious reactions I came across at twitter. Enjoy.

My dead grandmother literally climbed out of her grave & wrote me a handwritten letter, just to express her shock over Anderson Cooper.
—Ryan Shattuck(@ryanmer)

anderson cooper came out? in a similar vein, i have a confession: i'm black. and yes, skinny, too. so now you know.
— Bomani Jones (@bomani_jones)

Now if Anderson Cooper had come out and said "I'm straight" THAT would've been news.
— Ben Howe (@BenHowe)

Why does Anderson Cooper have to be gay? I would rock his white haired WORLD. #justsayin
— Casey Gee ♡ (@therealcaseygee)

Yes Anderson Cooper, we’re all excited Tom Cruise is single.
— Rob Fee (@robfee)

I thought Anderson Cooper had been out for a long while. Did he go back in and come out again?
— Cindy(@CindyD1000)

Anderson Cooper finally free to do his five-part in-depth series on Ryan Reynolds' hip muscles.
— Chase Mitchell (@ChaseMit)

Just found out Anderson Cooper is gay.... Well there goes all ofy plans I had for a future is Mrs. Tobs Cooper.#sadday #allthegoodonesaregay  —  Tobie Stevens @Tobs_Lindsey)

i wish anderson cooper had come out by posting a pic of himself eating an oreo and winking saucily
— Satyllyte Hygh (@satellitehigh)

Now that Anderson Cooper is out, my Roger Sterling/Anderson Cooper fan fiction "30 Shades Of Grey" is going to be a lot more relevant.
— Ryan Broderick (@ryanhatesthis)

Anderson Cooper's coming out > Adele's pregnancy > Katie Holmes' freedom > Lindsay Lohan's birthday (or something)
— Ology.com (@ologize)

"Anderson Cooper is GAY?!?!?!"- Nobody
— Luke Barnett (@Iamlukebarnett)

— max read (@max_read)

People are still hungry and unjust wars are making polititions and CEOs rich but sumhow anderson cooper suckin dick is our main focus #2012
— mike deeley (@mikedee26)

Anderson Cooper is Gay??? Actually Fuck my fucking life!why don't they make straight men in the mould I like!
— Tarryn N Steyn (@TarrynNSteyn)

I still wouldn't leave my girl around Anderson Cooper
— Kazeem Famuyide (@RealLifeKaz)

Can I finally now talk about the time Anderson Cooper stole my ex-boyfriend?
— Daisy Gardner (@daisykpgardner)

Anderson Cooper wasn't already out?
— Ben Bergman (@NPRben)

Anderson Cooper being gay shocks you guys? c'mon man. stevie wonder could see that shit
— Chocolate Thunder (@FreshRichie)

Maybe Anderson Cooper should relieve more suspense by also letting us know he is a white male.
— John Danneskjold (@JohnDanneskjold)

And, of course, Kathy Griffin will be mighty 'disappointed' with his announcement today haha......