Green Lantern Proposes To His Boyfriend But There Will Be No Wedding This Time

Green Lantern Alan Scott was rebooted as gay last month, and in the second installment of DC Comic’s Earth 2 universe, he proposes to his long-time boyfriend.

Preview images show Scott, and boyfriend Sam riding the bullet train. Scott, very emotionally, proposes marriage, saying, “I love you, Sam. I’m crazy about you. Marry me so we can ….”

(Spoiler Alert)

Scott Johnson at Comicbook writes, “Alas, it looks like a gay wedding isn’t in the cards for Earth 2’s Green Lantern, at least not anytime soon.”

From Comic Book.
But before Sam could give an answer, the next page showed the bullet train they were riding on exploding and careening off it’s tracks. 
Well, it’s no surprise that Alan Scott survived the fiery scene, but what about his boyfriend Sam? And if Sam survived, what would his answer be to Alan? It turns out we will never know if Sam would have said yes, as Earth 2 #3 reveals that Sam did not survive the crash. Of course, it is comic books, where people don’t always stay dead, so who knows what the future may hold.