Julien Bam's Da Capo


JuBa Films’ Julien Bam incredible 3 minute short film entitled “Da Capo” is a beautifully edited, visual masterpiece with a message. We follow 'Astro' on his travel through the meaning of forgotten dreams and into a realization of it’s reach. It is an inspirational piece of work.........

People dream but they forget, but what if a dream remains as a memory that you can't forget? Imagine you wake up, but you are still asleep.

Projections of reality, familiar images, yet they feel so different.  
But what happens when you know that you are dreaming? Can you decide which way you are going? Can you decide where a door leads you to?
A world without gravity, a world with strange beauty. 
But how beautiful can a world be, if you are alone? 
Everything is moving away, like everything is following a different route. Maybe you just have to follow it too. 
Suddenly you feel every moment, moments that seem to last forever. 
Learn to let go, let the dream guide you. To a place you thought you have long forgotten. To a place of eternal beauty, hoping to find the answers you think are waiting for you, at the end of the dream. 
But what is it that you are looking for? Maybe the answers cannot be found in this dream itself.
What a beautiful dream. 
But when do I wake-up ? 
Da Capo...