What If Being You Is Illegal

Check out this great video by LGBT rights organisation Kaleidoscope Trust. In this powerful video, Kaleidoscope Trust asks viewers to imagine a world where it is illegal for you to be you. A world where you could be discriminated against because you have blond hair or blue eyes, or if you are bald or short. The video is voiced by gay TV actor John Barrowman. Barrowman is famous for his role as the bisexual Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and Torchwood. 

In a description of the video Kaleidoscope asks viewers to - 'Imagine if it were illegal to have blue eyes or be under 5ft 10ins and if breaking this law meant you could go to prison or face attack or even death. In many countries around the world, gay people don’t have to imagine it. They already face the very real prospect of being criminalised for their sexuality. In no fewer than 78 countries around the world homosexual acts are still illegal. In five of them the maximum penalty is death.'